Find The Adventure In You

Bored of routine life? Bugged of the system of repetitive life? Same old living, wake up in the morning get ready for office, struggle with traffic, work out all day long and come home tired. If you’re feeling de-motivated or extra motivated and want to celebrate, hiking trips and road trips are the way to get it out of the system.

Bangalore has always been the hip place to be an adventure junkie and provides many options from flying to sinking around and nearby Bangalore. Beat some boredom by enjoying this adventure season with our exhaustive list of things to do in Bangalore this time around:

Find The Adventure In You

Get a Bird’s Eye View:

The unadulterated hills and vast meadow land surrounding the village of Coorg near Mysore is a very famous location to fly in the sky. Micro light flying is a hobby for those who dream and have a passion for flying. The micro light is a basic light aircraft with basic controls and can accommodate two people on the go. The ecstatic view from the top sends spine chilling feeling making it a trip worth remembering.

Stitch the River Up:

Whitewater rafting is catching up to many around the youngsters from Bangalore and all over India because of the catchy and a snazzy approach of the water sport. White river rafting makes the use of inflatable rubber tubes inside the swirling water known as rapids. Dandeli is 450 km from Bangalore and submerged in the Kali forest. Rapids here are of range 2 and range 3 within the 12km rafting way. Even an inexperienced boatman can have fun of this sport and all safety checks are performed stringently by the organizers. This although works from October till February, so grab a quick fix.

Dive the Depths:

Murudeshwar, 504kms from Bangalore offers a beach and aquatic view of all time. The Murudeshwar water front is untouched by human intervention and is a gem of a quality if scuba diving is to be considered. The water is crystal clear and gives a plenty visibility from 15-30 meters so that you can be seen accompanying a coral or a stingray. Many aquatic flora and fauna developed in Murudehswar’s water can be visualized till heart’s content and nobody complains. Dive in this amazingness and be lost forever.

Oldest Rec-sport:

Rock-climbing is the oldest of all the recreational sport ever invented by humans. The granite hills on the Ramnagar Front, also known as, the Sholay Hills due to the famous Bollywood movie being picturised here is a famous go-to place for amateur climbers, as well as professionals. The hills test your agility and strength while climbing these rocky paths and you are rewarded with astonishing views of the surrounding land when you reach the top. Rappelling down to reach the base again is a task, amateur climbers should always be accompanied by professionals before attempting to beat the mountain.

Sail on the Water and Winds:

Parasailing is the new sports adventure to do in Bangalore in Malpe in the Udupi district of Karnataka. The sea-side resorts offer various parasailing and other water sports. Parasailing includes being tied to a boat with a parachute attached to the person. The person soars in the wind as the boat picks up speed, as the person sails over the blue pristine waters with aquatic wind blowing in his face. A worthwhile hobby to keep.

Make the most of the options for adventure available in and things to do in Bangalore. Bangalore owes a major gratitude towards the diverse flora and fauna around it.

Author’s Bio: Author is an adrenaline junkie and a part time blogger at eventshigh, a travel and event website designed to assist people find their own rush.

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