5 Aspects To Consider Before Building A House

5 Aspects To Consider Before Building A House

‘Sweet Home’ how many times has repeated this expression? If you’re thinking of building your new home, you should consider these aspects to ensure that your new home is the place to save your dreams.

Building the perfect home requires all our energy, knowledge, and expert help. But we do not go crazy! If many have done it before, why we were not going to power?

1. Orientation

Before designing the project of our future home we must consider what the direction we have in our plot is: if you get the sun during the day, if you are facing north or west. With them, we can design and decide every detail that will define how it will be our home. It is important to devote time to this phase: from here the foundations of our future rise. Not worth devoting your time?

2. Location

When we purchased our land we must consider the location where it is: if it is isolated in a complex with basic services nearby. It is also important to know if the package has all the requirements for construction: water, electricity, telephone, sewage, gas, and if the plot has loads of urbanization.

5 Aspects To Consider Before Building A House

3. Decoration

We ourselves are the ones to decide the style we want to give our home. We can allow ourselves to be advised by experts but we have last word: we are the ones who are going to spend the ‘rest of our lives’. So much better if we choose us, do not you think?

We must also keep in mind when decorating our house, as is the house: its size and distribution can also determine in part the style you want to give.

4. Allocation

It is very important that the allocation is practical and functional. The shape and size of the different environments within the house must be consistent:

Bedrooms: With enough space to place the furniture you want to include and taking into account any future changes (increased family need study area, etc.)

Kitchen: Very important sharing, bench ‘work’, storage, etc.

Hall and Dining Room: Depends on the type of life we have, the meetings to do with friends or family, etc.

5. Garden

Depending on the terrain that we devote to our garden and use of the going to do, we must consider aspects such as orientation. Sun during peak hours as possible, shaded area, elements that we want to include a swimming pool, table and chairs, barbecue, plants, trees, etc.

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