Several Facts About Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

At first sight, word “osmosis” seems as something rather complicated and uninteresting, but truth to be told, it is quite simple system, and what’s more important, you can find it in almost every house, it is that common. It can be applied to various systems and usages, but most common is for water filtering. Easy to maintain, clean and it has little-to none disadvantages. Here are several facts about this modern, yet familiar way for water cleaning.


This specific and delicate type of filter doesn’t require direct usage of outer power source. The process itself utilizes the power of water pressure, and electricity is used only to suppress water from container tank to the faucet. In this way, it saves energy and is doing its purpose. Only drawback would be space, for storage tank can store up to 2.5 gallons (9.46 liters), and can occupy a whole section of your kitchen facility.

Several Facts About Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems


The main component and the “heart” of reverse osmosis filter systems is filter membrane, which is thin about as cellophane. Although it seems as it is impervious, it has micro-sized openings, used to let the water pass through, while containing impurities or other foreign matters. In this way, iron, nickel, magnesium, mercury, even chlorine, up to .001 microns in size will be contained. The membrane itself is not enough for this system to work, for the process is slow, and takes a lot of time.

In addition, if water would pass directly through the membrane, it would take whole day just for a few drops to be filtered, and new system was applied. Taking a perforated tube through which water flows, layers upon layers of membranes were applied and held together. In such way, the surface which was performing filtering was a lot bigger, and the process was thus faster. Additional parts are consisted of pre-filters, where larger particles are separated, shut-off valve, which stops water intake if the tank is full, storage tank and post-filter, for finer filtering.


For being very effective to filtering and highly payable, because filter can be used several times before being changed, a lot of people are turning to this kind of water purification. Being eco-friendly, without chemistry or additives involved, but only by using diminished system of basic, mechanic filtering, this system had become worldwide spread.

And also, installing one such system is somewhat easy, and if you are a bit keen on putting hoses together, you would be able to put it together by yourself. On the other hand, if you are in hurry, or simply lacking free time, it is always possible to call one of numerous professional agencies, which will provide safe and fast service.

With everything said taken into calculation, there is absolutely no reason for you not to get one of these systems for yourself. The advantages are numerous, while setbacks are practically none. Using it for a prolonged period of time will only increase its benefits and it will pay out before you know it.

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