Dating Fails: Why You Might Not Be Getting Those Second Dates

Are you always getting first dates, but always missing that callback? If so, inevitably you have spent many hours racking your brains as to what you did wrong, or what it is about you that makes you so much less appealing. It could be that you have just been unlucky, and that every person you have been on a date with in the last year has been looking for nothing more than a stranger to go out to dinner with. This does happen, but there is also a chance that the way you behave on dates impacts upon your chances of sealing the deal. If you are struggling to work it all out, read on and see if you might be able to land a second date.

Dating Fails: Why You Might Not Be Getting Those Second Dates

Be Interested, But Not Over the Top

Have you considered that your date might not have realized you liked them? Often, wanting to appear cool and detached can lead to a situation in which the other person you are with thinks you aren’t interested in them. On the other hand, you might be too gushy, and it might have freaked them out. A compliment is good if you mean it, but multiple compliments could overstep the boundaries.

Ask Questions

When some people get anxious, they are prone to speaking quickly about themselves in an attempt to plug how nervous they feel. While chatting away hoping that their date doesn’t realise they’re bricking it, they have forgotten to ask anything at all about the person sitting opposite them. Remember, people like to talk. If you can get them talking they will feel like you have shared things with you and that you are getting on, if you talk at them in a stream of consciousness monologue, they will be bored and annoyed. Read up on some of the top questions to ask if you are at a loss.

Look After Yourself

Picture the scene; you turn up to a date ready to meet this great looking person you met on Tinder. When you arrive, it becomes apparent that they are drunk and they also smell bad. Do not turn up to a date in any other state than fresh out of the shower. If you are a smoker, get a vape and some e liquid and try switching it up a little. Cutting down on cigarettes is good for your health, and you won’t smell so bad when you turn up. Instead, you have the chance of smelling like apples or banana cream pie.

Dress to Impress

Have you got the right clothes on, or are you being overlooked in your Vans and your hoodie? Do not wear hoodies on a date, ever, and try to refrain from wearing the following something “too out there.” Look up what is on trend before you try things on; you want to seem fashionable and effortlessly cool, while also looking like you’ve made the conscious effort. After all, if you rock up in scruffy attire, they may not think you’re bothered about your date with one another. However, the hipster, indie look is “in” right now, so the lines between date attire and being true to your fashion are somewhat blurred.

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