Green Roof Benefits

The creation of concrete jungles, a.k.a. urban cities, has an implication to the environment. For one, greeneries like parks, rainforests and natural habitats are starting to decrease to make way for establishments that will cater to more businesses and people looking for jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that, actually, but there’s very little space left to grow trees and will nurture the wildlife.

Green roofs offer a sustainable solution to keep plants and other vegetations on top of a structure, be it on a commercial, industrial or a residential structure. How advantageous are green roofs? Let’s find out.


  1. Green roofs offer low-cost insulation and soundproofing.

Compared to normal roof surfaces, green roofs reduce the temperature of the roof and its building’s interior. Since the plants provide shade to a structure’s outer surface, heat is deflected during hot and humid days. Alternatively, during cold seasons, plants on green roofs reduce the loss of heat in the building.

Green roof surfaces are also effective noise deflectors. Because plants and other materials pad the roof, tenants and homeowners are protected from the noise coming from the air conditioning and other mechanical installations on the roof of the structure.

  1. Green roofs make great stormwater stopper.

Plants thrive on two things: sunlight and water. Green roofs absorb most of the rainwater during monsoon seasons and sudden rain showers, stopping the stormwater from running off the roof of the building and overflowing and blocking the sewerage with excesses, as well as dirt and contaminants. Because of this, plants may have a longer lifespan as they mature, and their ability to absorb and retain water may improve in the long run.

  1. Green roofs delay roof aging.

Roofs are susceptible to wear and tear when exposed to the elements. Green roofs help defray the maintenance costs because the plants cushion the roof material against the heat of the sun, acid rain, and the moisture of the air. This lifespan of the roof is extended twice as long compared to roofs that are not protected by roof foliage.

  1. Green roofs serve as a refuge for migratory birds and other species.

Migratory birds and other species that happen to pass by the urban jungle will most likely have no place to rest their feathers on, making these creatures vulnerable to temperature-related illnesses and even death. Green roofs may serve as a temporary sanctuary for these species. Some birds may even peck at the plants for their nourishment, while other birds may create a nest to hatch their eggs and keep nestlings away from predators.

  1. Green roofs are a great place to hang out in.

Urban cities are often crowded, and open parks do not offer the same peace and quiet compared to the comforts of green roofs on top of a structure. Put some seats or benches, bring in friends and a few drinks and something to eat, and enjoy the sunlight or the stars that shine in the sky.

Even if tall structures dominate most cities now, one can still contribute to lessen the effect of the stress brought about by urbanization. Green roofs offer the best alternative to ease the congestion from pollution, as well as to help one relax and enjoy nature.

Written by Clark Jones, owner of Tree Frog Complete Grounds Maintenance. Tree Frog is the best company for landscaping in Columbia, MO.

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