Tips For Working Women To Keep Their Home Squeaky Clean

Tips For Working Women To Keep Their Home Squeaky Clean

Cleaning a home is a simple, mechanical process, but keeping a home truly squeaky clean is a challenge, especially for working women. Since they don’t have a lot of time after coming home from the office, cleaning is all about building a manageable and easy routine for the biggest portions of the house, especially the floors and carpets.

Your carpet is a precious thing. Aside from being expensive, carpets are also incubators for a large number of different micro-particles, from dirt to bacteria. According to the Rug Doctor, a clean carpet can improve air quality. Meanwhile, a dirty carpet can exacerbate allergies.

Floors, on the other hand, show their grime much more easily. This can make them a little easier to clean, but on the other hand, you’ll have to clean them more often than carpets. Keeping an alternating routine for both can be confusing at first, but ultimately, you’ll be able to build a schedule that works for you.

Tips For Working Women To Keep Their Home Squeaky Clean

How Carpets are Cleaned

No matter whether you’re doing the job with Fuller carpet sweepers, or a carpet cleaning company gets hired to take care of it for you with high-powered vacuum cleaners, carpets need to be cleaned on a very regular basis. That means sweeping daily, vacuuming weekly, and going for a deep clean about once a year. According to Lifehack, up to 75 percent of people admit to wearing shoes on carpeting. That’s not a great idea when you’re trying to prevent dirt from getting into the house. Aside from taking your shoes off, leaving your socks on, and vacuuming the carpet, you will eventually need to call the cleaning cavalry.

Carpeting can house some nasty stuff. According to a scientific study cited on Random History, the stomach flu virus can hide in carpeting for a good month or so. The only way to truly keep your family safe after about a year of using your carpet is through a thorough deep clean. That means spraying hot water onto the carpet to loosen the dirt, rinsing it, and getting all that mess out of there.

Rinsing the Floors

Floors are a bit simpler, but the frequency of their cleaning depends on a few factors, including whether or not you have pets or children. While sweeping a floor should be a daily occasion, you only have to mop your floors once a week, except for areas with higher hygiene risks, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Coinciding your floor mopping with a carpet vacuuming day allows you to get both done swiftly. A hot wash with a steam mop allows you to use less detergent in your cleaning, which is potentially safer for you and your family. While carpeting hides more pathogens than a hardwood, tiled or linoleum floor might, don’t be fooled – only sweeping your floors won’t get rid of the dangers that may lurk on their surface, especially with pets or young children around.

With the floors dealt with in a simple, short and easy manner, you have the biggest part of your home covered. Dealing with the rest of you house will be much easier.

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