Employment Verification Services:Streamlining Your HR Functions

It is quite true that finding appropriate candidate for the different job positions in a company is the task of your HR team.However, checking background details of a candidate require significant amount of time which in turn impacts on the core tasks of you HR department.Performing specific job roles such as managing attendance, payroll, and other day to day activities are the core functionalities that need utmost attention, whereas, taking care of background verification becomes an add-on activity for the human resource personnel. Therefore, hiring a professional team for conducting a thorough verification is a wise step to achieve the success.

Why Employment Verification is Required?

Being a top decision maker, if you are thinking that employment verification and background checking procedure is eating huge time of your working staffs, then one of the most convenient solution is acquiring employment verification services. It not only alleviates the burden from the shoulders of your HR team, but also helps in gaining competitive edge.Company’s human resource team shortlist candidates on the basis of their skill sets and experience. While, they don’t go in-depth to check the complete details furnished by the candidate during the time of interview.It is because they have other tasks to manage with recruiting. Employers should perform a thorough verification to eliminate those profiles which include falsified records.

Outsourcing third party verification service is the most cost-effective way to improve the work productivity of your HR department. At the same time, it is an ingenious solution to sort those profiles which involves discrepancy or errors.However, it is not as simple as it seems to be. Most of the business professionals think that employment verification is just calling up the service provider and hand over the task. In fact, there is still more which you need to understand about employment verification services.

Employment Verification Services:Streamlining Your HR Functions

In this guest blog post, you can see the important specifications about employment verification services.

When outsourcing third party verification from a reputed vendor, you need to furnish all the details about the candidate. During the interview procedure, you need to ask the job applicant to provide certain details such as education qualification certificates with exact date and year, professional experience, reference contact details, permanent and temporary address details, and previous salary package. With the complete information set, data verifiers carry out the screening process more diligently. Skilled staffs in the outsourcing firm make use of efficient tools and software toper form a comprehensive verification.With the help of this service, your HR team won’t take too much time in selecting the candidate for the appropriate job role.

For a successful verification, data verifier spay close attention to the following areas:

Previous employment verification: In order to validate the previous work experience, data verification specialists get in touch with previous companies wherein candidate has worked. In this process, verifiers check dates of employment, job roles and responsibilities held, reason for leaving job, salary or appraisal letter, work ethics and so on. With the convenience of checking previous employment records, your HR team can ensure that they are hiring a right candidate with legitimate records.

Education background verification: In order to confirm whether the candidate has given valid information about the educational certificates or not, employment verification companies try to contact the schools, colleges, and other professional course institutions from where he/ she has gained certificates/degrees.Once the verification mail isn’t received from these institutes, then the candidate is not confirmed for the desired job role he/ she has applied for.

Criminal record verification: It is one of the crucial parts of data verification services. Sometimes, candidate cover or hide details of criminal records in order to get a job in a reputed company. This is why it is essential to perform comprehensive verification. In this procedure, skilled data verifiers examine complete background details about a candidate. They have secret sources to perform social record verification and identify whether the candidate is involved in any criminal offense or not. Data verification agents working in third party verification firms have domain expertise and industry rich experience in performing thorough verification.

In the bottomline: Every employee working in your company is the crucial part that contributes in the success.This is why, considering best employment verification services is essential to gain a competitive edge.

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