Dress Up Like Cartoon Characters Give More Enthusiasm

In older days reading is the only source of developing our knowledge and to be aware of new upcoming activities. In those days they used reading not only for gaining information but also as the material for entertainment. Some people like to read stories some likes plays and dramas. Stories and drama are not only favorites for kids but also for adults. When they involved in reading books of monthly play they will eagerly waiting for the next month to read. That adds excitements to the readers.  Now a day’s those reading habits has changed in watching comical cartoons and shows.

There are many comical writers are there to make our times more fantastic. John Romita jr, Mark Waid, Brain K Vaughan are some of the living legends for writing. Their books and comics have played an important role in all kids’ life. And many stage drams are also there to give us such an amazing feeling as real. Sometimes we have to get wonder of thing whether the play is truly happening. It would be in such realistic way. The main reason for its real effect is their costume. The costume plays crucial role in success of the drama.

Dress Up Like Cartoon Characters Give More Enthusiasm

Costumes that Adds More Enthusiasm:

Whenever we think about costumes the first thing that flashes inside our mind is definitely the role of our interested cartoon characters. Dressing up like the character comes in the comic are called as cosplay. In much school function like fashion show kids like to dress up like characters of cartoons and dramas, which give grand look and more interesting to the viewers. Costume play the most important in all type of cartoons and comics as it give the original effects of the stories. Many people like Halloween type of dress to attract other in the group. Many people make it as their hobby to dress up like comical character to parties and functions.

The most popular comic characters are like Hal Jordan, Bat man, Superman, Joker and Bat women. Also there are many designers are there to invent new type of costume to the characters to add the interest among the viewers and to update according to new life styles. Designers took more effort to design and to stitch. Also many professional photographers are there to take different styles of picture on the basis of cosplay. Many people have their own idea to do different costume in order to copy the same comic characters.