Popularity Of Eco-Friendly Gifts Among Corporate Houses

Popularity Of Eco-Friendly Gifts Among Corporate Houses

Corporate social responsibility is a part of every organization. It is important to think about the society and serve for its betterment. The alert of conservation of environment has been realized by almost every company. Keeping this in mind and to promote company presence in the competitive marketing intelligence reporting, corporate houses have taken a positive stance by offering eco-friendly giveaways to the clients and customers. The go green strategy is not only favorable from the social point of view but it is equally beneficial from the point of cost. Usually, eco-friendly products are inexpensive and eye grabbing as well. So, if you have decided to pick such gifts, here are some options that you can try out.

Mugs and Cups

One of the most popular promotional gifts that can be ideal for corporate houses is coffee mugs or cups. You can give these to your employees to use in the office or they can even take it at home. Print the name or logo of the company on it; you can even put on your environment protection message that you want to convey. These are reusable cups and can be recycled as well. So, when you are handing out these gifts to the clients or customers you are communicating eco-friendly nature of your company, which would be appreciated.

Popularity Of Eco-Friendly Gifts Among Corporate Houses


Men and women, irrespective of the age, need to use bags for various occasions. This is yet another eco-friendly product especially, jute bags. These are the most preferred giveaways which are affordable, versatile and found in various styles. The natural fiber bags are offered in almost every organization and the biodegradable feature makes them environment friendly. Companies can put all the necessary information because of the availability of ample space. The receivers use these bags while shopping or even traveling, which give your company name more visibility.

Handmade Products

If one of the strategies of your promotional goods is go green, then you cannot miss out the handmade products. These are made out of recycled materials and are definitely environment friendly. You can give paper boxes made out of natural fibers, photo albums made out of handmade papers. Promotional bamboo products like photo stand, pen holders and basket are popular giveaways of corporate houses. Handmade products look very elegant but the receivers need to use it carefully because there are greater chances of breakage, if the products are made of paper material.

Eco-friendly gifts can fall into any category. It can be organic, energy saving, recycled or bio degradable. Moreover, it is also a fact that green marketing is successful enough to boost corporate brand image and promote new products in the market. The costs of these products vary and you can choose as per your budget. Though, eco gifts were not taken seriously earlier but nowadays companies chooses these giveaways even for meetings, annual functions and on other official events. The intention of saving the earth and caring for the society upheld a positive image about your company, which gives more visibility to your brand.

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