A Chrysler 300c Is Featured Among The Premium Services Offered In Wedding Limousine Hire

wedding limousine hire

Every woman wants to enjoy a wedding day or evening that is as exciting as it is memorable. If you are now planning to hold nuptials in the near future, then you should consider your transportation options carefully. If you are looking at Perth’s premium services in wedding limousine hire, you may be able to obtain a limo at a reduced price.

You might, with some limousine hire transport companies, be able to negotiate a savings if you hire the car for your wedding as well as your reception. In addition, the car might be used for a hens’ night out on the town. You can also use the car for travel during a holiday. For example, during Christmas, you can hire a car to attend Christmas parties.

A Chrysler 300c Is Featured Among The Premium Services Offered In Wedding Limousine Hire

Using a Limo for a Themed Gathering

You might also use a car for a themed gathering. For example, if you are going to a tropical themed event, you might ask that the car be stocked with tropic or exotic mixes – mixes that can be used to make planter’s punch or the Singapore Sling. If you are attending a winter bash, then you can supply passengers with flips or nogs. For anyone who is going to a very formal party, then ancestral cocktails might be provided in a traditional black limousine.

Stretch Limos – Some Fun Trivia

While premium stretch limousines are indeed very long, they usually do not span the length of the Guinness Book of World Records holder. The lengthiest limo ever built was made in California in 1997. It measured 100 feet long or around three metres. While on the subject of records, the first limousine was built in 1902. The first car featured a driver’s seat that was positioned outside the primary compartment. The sides were open although the car had a roof.

The first stretch limo manufactured in the world was made in Fort Smith, Arkansas and was made by the Armbruster Coach Company in 1928. At that time, stretch limos were used to transport big bands of the time. In the U.S., bandleaders such as Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller made use of the cars.

The word limousine itself is attributed to a place in France known as the Limousin region. Because shepherds in this area wore cloaks by tradition, it is said the covered compartments of the early limos resembled the garments. Air-conditioned limousines were constructed in 1939, and were used in limousines that tooled around such major metro areas as Chicago and New York.

When noting the differences in stretch limos, remember, stretch limos normally hold, on average, 12 adults, while super stretch limos can carry 14 or more passengers. By the way, the origin of the word of the driver of a limousine, or chauffeur, is derived from a French word, “stoker,” a word that means “operator of steam.”

The above fun facts are some interesting titbits of information – fun things to contemplate when you are driving to the church on your wedding day. However, you probably will not be thinking about such inane trivia on such a special day. You’ve got bigger things to consider – like getting to the church on time.

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