Should I Install A Skylight ?

A skylight is named as such because of its ability to bring the light from the sky into your home. It is the window installed on your roof, and it can make significant changes on how a room would look under it. If you are still deciding on whether to have a skylight, read on for some of the benefits we’ve listed some of its benefits below.

Should I Install A Skylight ?

Lighter and larger rooms

Do you have a room that lacks lighting even with the windows open? A skylight can help you make that room brighter. Skylights can provide up to 30 percent more natural light than the usual vertical windows.

Additionally, skylights make small rooms look bigger. The skylight automatically makes the ceiling look wider thus adding an illusion of having a bigger room.

Energy efficiency

Cut down on electrical consumption as you avoid turning on some of your electrical lighting during the day. Even with vertical windows installed, some rooms can still appear dark. When this happens, we would usually turn on a light or two to see better.

With a skylight, you can make sure that the room will always be bright during daytime, without you having to turn on a single electrical light.

Additional ventilation

Highly recommended is a type of skylight called the “electric venting skylight.” This skylight opens and closes like a normal vertical window, and commonly comes with a remote control.

When installed properly, the electric venting skylight will create a chimney effect in the room. This effect will draw the warm air up and out of the room, leaving the cool and fresh air inside.


As houses are being built closer to each other, having some privacy while getting enough natural lighting into the house is becoming a problem. Without blinds on vertical windows, people from outside can easily see the people inside the house.

Having skylight will provide sufficient light into your room while making sure that no one else can see you. Homeowners usually install skylight for privacy in their bathrooms.

Home value

When installed properly, skylights add an eye-catching feature to your home, making it more appealing to guests. If in the future you decide on selling your house, the skylight will especially be attractive to buyers who prefer homes that feature natural lighting.

Contact a Trusted Roofing Contractor for Skylight Installation

Having a skylight in your home really makes the room brighter at daytime and cozier at nighttime. However, you must keep in mind that proper installation of skylights is very crucial.

If not done correctly, it can leak, and can cause damages to your house and furniture. Therefore, it is important to call a reliable and trustworthy company for skylight needs and installation.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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