Looking After Yourself in the Office: A Guide

In an ideal world, we would all look out for our best interests. We would support each other for mutual benefits, and the world would be a much better place for it. In reality, there is an element of every man for themselves that you simply cannot ignore. In the workplace, especially if it is competitive, this is particularly true. You need to look after yourself both regarding your lifestyle habits and how you conduct yourself in the office.

Your Health is Your Cornerstone

Before you get worried about how to conduct yourself in the office so that you get the respect you deserve, you need to worry about your health. A healthy body helps provide you with more natural energy. It is how you can be more productive and less stressed overall as well.

·         Try to Bring Healthy Meals from Home

If you don’t bring food from home for your work lunches, you are only committing a lot of time and money to go out to eat foods that are likely heavily salted or contain saturated fats and sugars. Save money, time, and your health by preparing your healthy meals at home in advance for the week.

·         Try to Exercise After Work

Unless you are a morning person that can head on over to the gym in the mornings for a session, shower, and then go to work, chances are the best time will be afterward. Try to make this activity fun to do, so you can enjoy it instead of feeling like it’s a chore, or incorporate it into your commute. Take your bike with you in the mornings on public transport and then bike home after work for example.

How to Look After Yourself in the Office

Knowing how to gain respect from your coworkers and look after yourself so that you don’t get trampled on is another key step. You can do this by:

·         Being Strong

You need to be strong so that you don’t get pushed around at an office. Being pushed around doesn’t even have to be malicious. Taking on more work than you can physically handle and not knowing how to say no is also a terrible habit.

·         Knowing Your Rights

Always know and remind yourself of your rights as outlined by both the company and by the government. If you see or experience something that violates these rights, let your employer know of your concerns.

·         Seeking Help 

In some cases, going to your employer with your concerns won’t be enough nor will it be the right course of action. If your employer has ignored your concerns of the structural integrity of a shelf, and that shelf later falls on you and hurts you, then you have a case for financial compensation. You need to contact an accident claim expert to fight for you so that you can stay financially stable while you recover, and to help you move on with your life.

There are so many ways you can better look after yourself in the office, and only once you start can you enjoy a better work/life balance and even further career progression. Take care of your health, stand your ground, and enforce your rights.

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