Select The Correct Mattress As Per Your Style Of Sleep

Select The Correct Mattress As Per Your Style Of Sleep

On an average, there are three major sleeping styles. Each style requires a separate type of mattress. If you have never observed your sleeping style, then the time has come.

The availability of custom mattress San Diegomay be the right option for you to have a good night sleep. It has been noted that there are three commonly found mattresses, because there are three major styles of sleep people are found in.

Though you must be sleeping in different ways during the night, there are three styles that must be your favorite, discover them and invest in the right mattress. For more information read further.

Side Sleeping

This is the most commonly found style. This lets you make the right usage of your curves. It prevents you from sleeping on your boney parts. The areas where you actually feel your bones are:-

  • Hips and
  • Shoulders

When you lie on your back, there are gaps that you need to fill to be able to sleep well. While you lie on your side, you fill them up and stay comfortable throughout. This position spreads your weight evenly.

To get the weight spread evenly, you need a mattress that has deeper cradle. The deeper cradle concept relieves pressure in order to fill the gaps and eventually the weight gets spread evenly over the mattress.

Sleeping on your Back

This is the second common form of sleeping. The area of concern is the lumbar area. For this type you need shallower cradle. The mattress is best if the topmost layer is softer and gradually hardens as you go below.

Stomach Area

People found sleeping on their stomachs are the least of all. If you sleep in such way, then you have lesser gaps to fill and you require thinner, harder and comfortable top as compared to the need for other forms. It is extremely important for you, if you sleep on your stomach, that you avoid hyperextension on the area of lumbar.

It is best if you go for thinner mattresses, as they are better and prevent back related issues that you might develop. If you sleep on your stomach, than you put more pressure on your pelvic area.


It is really exciting to register that there are many of you are found sleeping in all the three positions. This clearly defines that there is plenty of movement happening on the bed. IF you thyself know about it, then it is best to let the retailer know same. As then you might invest in the right mattress.

You may buy something that is neither too hard nor too soft. In this kind of genre, you may find mattresses either made from latex or with the innerspring pocket coils. Such are considered to be more comfortable and better to use.

Gone are the days when people bought what was made by the companies, now the products are made as per customer’s choice, need and want. Buy as per your requirement and stay healthy and fit.

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