Metrobank Time Deposit Rates In Philippines

Metrobank Time Deposit Rates In Philippines

Are you interested in building up your savings? You can save your money for a fixed term and receive higher interest by means of peso and foreign currency time deposits of Metrobank. You do not need to worry for your money. Time deposits are completely secure, do not have any risk of loss and you get comparatively higher interest rates as compared to the regular savings accounts.

You can avail any of these time deposit accounts depending upon your needs: Regular Time Deposit, MetroDollar Time Deposit and Foreign Currency Time Deposit. We will discuss about these three below.

You do not need to put in enormous amounts of money when beginning to save for the future.  The metrobank time deposit permits you to gradually form your savings as it makes higher interest.

For a period of at least of 30 days, your investment can touch the maturity and provide you with a corresponding interest.  You can recommence your time deposit by means of automatic rollover. This helps you to continue increasing your money open-endedly.  This is extremely easy and comfortable for you as well because with our automatic roll-over provision, you can do the job sitting at your home. You can also opt for MetroDollar Time Deposit if you have more dollars than your requirements or in case you get dollars from your relatives settled in abroad. Dollar time deposits help you to save your greenbacks along with making higher interest. So why not avail the benefit of putting those underutilized dollars to better use and open a MetroDollar Time Deposit. Hurry! Open your account today. If you are fond of traveling or maybe often buy furniture, jewelry, etc. from some foreign country, then we recommend you to make use of our foreign currency time deposits to make your money grow while you wait for your next abroad tour. You have numerous options to choose from quite a lot of foreign currencies when you make up your mind to open a time deposit account and give you a higher return on your deposit.

Time Deposit is a stable term investment account that lets you to raise your currency with higher interest rates as compared to a regular savings account. Metrobank Philippines provides time deposits in both foreign currency and Singapore dollars with the least deposit of P10,000 and a deposit period of 30 days and more. Below you can lean about the time deposit rates Philippines banks offer:

We can help you to get the answers to your queries and make quick and stress-free comparison of all time deposit products in the country. Being a time deposit applicant, you can get in depth information about all the probable accounts, with important details such as minimum initial placement, placement term, withholding tax, and many more. Our experts will also be responsible for providing you with the financial advices and other relevant information that will make you more financially strong—for free. So, what are you waiting for? Avail our service sand make your future healthy.

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