Top 5 Travel Locations In The United States

The summer has ended, and fall has begun.  One of the most beautiful seasons to experience in the U.S., fall brings a breathtaking array of colors to the landscape yearly.  Traveling becomes a bit less expensive too, as gas prices are usually at their lowest this time of year.  This is the perfect time to plan a family vacation.  If you’re not quite sure where you might want to begin your adventure, we have a few suggestions to get you started.  Here are what we have deemed the top five travel locations in the United States.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a vast… well, canyon… that is a little over a mile in depth and averages close to ten miles from one side to the other.  It’s huge!  Carved out by the waters of the Colorado River, you don’t want to miss this sight in your lifetime.  The surrounding park is actually segregated by the canyon into the North and South Rim areas.  Visitors are welcome to camp on the South Rim  all year around, but the North Rim is a bit harder to access.  You can still visit, but there is a much shorter window each year that this side of the park is opened to the public.

Yellowstone National Park, NW, U.S.

Yellowstone is actually the State’s first national park.  It was founded and opened over a hundred years ago, in the year 1872.  The range of wildlife one may encounter in this vast forest will leave you standing in amazement.  You will also have the opportunity to visit several geysers, including the ever famous Old Faithful.  Just make sure you and your family come equipped with the proper footwear for an exploratory excursion like this one.  You don’t want to end your adventure  early due to discomfort.  It’s a long walk back to the car.

Walt Disney World, Florida

The dream of every child and adult is a trip to Disney World.  Don’t let your family miss out on this experience.  You won’t be short of smiles, guaranteed!  There’s practically no way to go wrong when you bring your kids to a place with life sized versions of all their favorite characters are walking around just hanging out.  The tickets aren’t cheap when you don’t plan, though, so put in the time and research when you decide to begin planning.

The Statue Of Liberty, New York

The United State’s national symbol of liberty and freedom is planted firmly on an island in New York, New York.  The irony of this symbol is that is was actually a gift from the French.  No matter, it’s one of the places you and your family shouldn’t go without.  A lesson in history, and a fun family day can’t be too bad.

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