Top 4 Reasons To Buy A Property In Delhi

Delhi is not that scary as it sounds in media and news. There are a hundred of reasons why people still prefer to stick to Delhi compared to any other cities.The market price in Delhi has fallen down by 25-30 percent in the recent years and that too in some of the best locations of Delhi. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to invest in Delhi these days.

Here are a Few More Reasons to Buy a Property in Delhi:

  1. Dropped Prices:

As explained above, the prices in Delhi for the residential properties have gone down to a good percentage. You would find many desperate sellers, who need money for the other alternatives. Some of them will even go down to the a discount of 40 percent of their property rates.This is really a great news for the people who wish to invest in Delhi.

  1. The Real Estate News:

According to a CEO of a registeredreal estatefirm, people are willing to sell their houses at a muchlower profit. Recently, a plot of 1,200 sq. yard located in one of the posh west end area was sold just for 13 Crores. If this was a peak season, then the price would not be less than 22 Crores. One reason maybe because people cannot handle bigger properties now due to nuclear families, and so they prefer to stay in building apartments, where they have all the facilities and amenities.

  1. Targeted City:

Delhi is one of the far developed cities and a well established place to live in. There are a good number of colleges, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and malls, which make the place a target area by the builders and contractors. There are a several reasons for which the properties might appreciate in the near future again. Thus, if you are looking for investment purposes, this is the right time to buy a property so that you can avail excellent returns in the future.

  1. Economic Fluctuation:

According to the recent survey held in the real estate market in Delhi, it was observed that due to the economic slowdown and the DDA’s policy, the market has gone down for the sale of properties, and this is the reason why the investors have a good opportunity to invest in properties.

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