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There is a very common dream that we as humans wish to realize and that is about owning a house where you feel at home, which you actually make it home to start with, and call it home and live in all security and safety. It is ancient wisdom that a man has a roof over his head for when God forbid if he loses out on everything, yet he will a place to sit especially during old age. Investing in real estate and on housing is considered the best and choices of investments for it is immovable property and it can be used both as a housing property for his own or consider it an investment to earn more from it. This way it would make him doubly advantageous spot where you keep the property and earn from it too by renting it out. In this world of skyscrapers and building in the clouds, people have to invest a large amount to invest in a villa. A villa is no mean property as you have it all for yourself and the land on which it stands also becomes yours. Villas or individual homes as they are called elsewhere are the safest type of investments on which you put your hard earned money.

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Among all the housing types, whether it is an apartment, or a flat, a villa always stands apart and is viewed as a prestigious property to own. When you invest in Lombok property, you are sure to make the deal of a lifetime. The different properties that are on display are in themselves an attractive invitation to the investment. Each and every property is clearly detailed and the details such as the area, the area of the villa itself in square feet, the price of the property, the value addition that has been carried out such as the installing of the accessories and building a swimming pool are all denoted and nothing is ignored as far as the features of each of the property.


The variety in the property is enough to urge you to buy it at first glance, there are not just villas but there are hotels, beach homes, luxury villas, designer villas, the villas with thatched roof which is very suitable for a summer stay are all mindboggling. Some of the properties are near the beach, some atop a hill, and many on the plane land itself but they have managed to bring in a lot of outdoorsy additions and accessories to enhance the ambience of the villas. Some of the villas are built as individual small villas in a circular theme and the centre carries the swimming pool. Some of the indoor ideas have been brought outside the house and are planted in the outdoors like a sofa for relaxation and a dining hall in order to enjoy the outdoor greenery that goes as far as the eyes can see.


These different properties are spread across several locations such as a hotel which is on sale at Mataram, the millionaires’ villa at north Lombok, there is another beautiful villa at batulayar and many more. These however fall around the Lombok area.


The costs of each of the villas are mentioned right along with the property features and the reason for the cost is also displayed. These villas can be utilized to earn from the investment by renting them out for tourists and for families who want to spend their vacation in Lombok. The invest in Lombokidea is quite a wise one from a long term perspective.

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