4 Safety Tips For DIY Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

4 Safety Tips For DIY Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning your air conditioner regularly is important because it ensures the unit’s efficiency. A clean air conditioning unit also means you’re not only saving money on energy, but you’re also saving money on expensive replacement, too. And with easy access to the internet, you can clean your unit by yourself. Just make sure not to forget about safety! Read on below for some tips on how to safely DIY clean your air conditioner.

Safety Tip #1: Turn off your air conditioner’s power.

The first step in cleaning your air conditioner is to turn it off. It is important to completely turn off power the unit because you are dealing with electricity and moving parts.

Look for an exterior shut off box near the unit on the exterior condenser or compressor. For indoors, make sure to power off at breaker box, too. In the event that you cannot find the power button on the unit, you may switch it off from the main panel.

Safety Tip #2: Keep your air conditioner manual nearby.

Your air conditioner has different parts, and each part may have to be cleaned out in a specific way. For a DIY first-timer, the manual will help you identify the location of the power button. As mentioned previously, turning off power is an essential part of cleaning your air conditioner.

If the motor has lubrication ports, a specific type of oil has to be used. You’ll need the manual to check if your unit has lubrication ports. Your manual will also help you identify the correct size of air filter you need to buy. Consult your manual first before heading out to the store. Doing so will save you time and money.

Safety Tip #3: Wear protective gear.

Like any other cleaning task, cleaning your air conditioner entails wearing protective gear. Wearing leather gloves is recommended. These will protect your hands from the unit’s rough edges especially when you are opening it up.

One of the steps in cleaning an air conditioner unit is straightening the fins. A butter knife is recommended for this step, and wearing leather gloves can help protect you from scratches. You’ll be handling chemicals and lubricants too which means more reasons to wear protective gear.

Safety Tip #4: Call an air conditioner expert.

Having trouble DIY cleaning your air conditioner? Maybe it’s time to call in an expert to help you out. When it comes to safety, it is still best to get in touch with a professional to do the cleaning for you. Call a reliable heating and cooling company today.

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