4 Common Mistakes When Hiring An Accountant

Hiring an accountant is no simple task. Take note that you are entrusting the finances of your company to this person. Your financial secrets have to be disclosed to the person who will manage your accounts. Therefore, he has to be trustworthy. You need to ensure that you will end up with a good partnership that you won’t regret in the end. There are 4 common mistakes business owners make when hiring accountants. You need to avoid them.


  1. Hiring the first person. You might be under the impression that all accountants are the same. You don’t really care about whom you entrust your accounts to. You think that they all deserve to be hired. Therefore, as soon as you come across the first person who is willing to deal with your accounts, you immediately hire this person. The truth is that all accountants are not the same at all. Some of them specialize in certain aspects of accounting. They also have different working styles. Some others have been in the industry longer than others. In short, you can’t just hire the first person you come across.
  2. Making decisions based on rates. You might be easily tempted to hire an accountant because his services are cheap. The truth is that you might also sacrifice the quality of the results because of the person you have decided to hire. The reason why the services are cheap may be because the accountant does not have much experience compared with others. You might also hire someone who can’t get hired by major companies and so he is willing to offer his services at a low rate just to get work.
  3. Hiring individual freelancers. There are a lot of good freelance accountants. You can find them online, where they often promote their services. They are easy to deal with and are flexible enough. The problem is that you can’t entrust your accounts to just one person. What if he suddenly gets sick? What if you have a deadline to meet and he can’t meet it? This poses a big problem. Therefore, you need to hire someone who is working for a firm. If anything goes wrong along the way, your accounts will just be transferred to the next accountant.
  4. Getting someone whose field of specialization is limited. You must hire accountants in Central London who know a lot about the ins and outs of accounting. You need a person who can even do the job with their eyes closed. He must be able to deal with taxes, investments, properties and many other aspects of accounting. With this, you will feel more confident entrusting your finances to him.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will soon find someone who can really do the job.

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