10 Checklist Points For Retail Store Owners

Retail store owners, unlike other business, are an easier target for theft compared to other businesses. The shoplifting is a serious problem as well, which eventually affects the overall profits.

Retail Owners CHecklist

Compiled below is a checklist containing 10 major points that every retail owner should ensure the safety and security of his store.

1. Install a CCTV Camera

Installation of a CCTV/security camera is an essential move for all businesses, especially the retail store owners. This step allows the freedom to monitor their store from all angles and prevents theft. The footages obtained from these cameras are also useful in collecting the evidence and other important details in case of a burglary or theft.

2. Employee Verification

Whenever you are hiring someone, it is important to run a background and criminal check before allowing him to be near your investments. It is important that you verify every employee you hire. Another precaution that you can take is providing them with limited access cards which permit their presence in the store only for the working hours. In this way, they won’t dawdle around without a purpose.

3. Bank Your Earnings

If you are fortunate enough to have a flourishing business in your retail store, then you should never keep too much cash in the shop. Visit your bank at regular intervals to bank away all the big bucks. This will prevent you in the case of a robbery, break-in or burglary.

4. Train Your Staff

The camera plays a great role, but the staff cannot be ignored. Train your workers to handle theft-prone areas in the store.

5. Bags Not Allowed Policy

Create a policy not to allow any kind of bags inside the store. You can even have a counter with tokens near the front, where the customers can submit their bags against a token and after the shopping; they can retrieve the bag by returning the token.

6. Keep the Action Going

It is necessary for you and your staff members to roam around the aisles frequently. In fact, allocate isles to different staff members. This precaution can save you from theft during rush hours.

7. Hire the Right Security

Another way to ensure safety and intimidate the criminals is to have an armed or unarmed security guard outside your store. In fact, you can even hire a couple of more guards to provide security in the store itself. But before you do so, don’t forget to find out the right people with research.

8. Regular Audits and Routine Inventory

Performing regular audits are extremely important as supervising your financial situations may alert you to some shady dealings and untrustworthy behavior. Along with that, you should always perform a routine inventory as it will help you maintain a record of your products. Tagging your products can also prove to be useful in preventing them from stealth.

9. Keep Your Store Well Lit

Avoid areas with low lights. Keep the whole store well-lit, especially the corners to ensure that every customer is visible to you and your staff.

10. Give Personal Attention to Customers and Forbid Conversations

Greet the customers when they step in. It is a great way to keep a check on their activities and always try to make eye contact. Another important measure that should be taken is to forbid any conversations when there are customers in the store. The distraction caused by these conversations can provide an opportunity to the shoplifters to do their work.

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