Exploring The Need For A Green Diet

Exploring The Need For A Green Diet

Fast food has taken control over the eating styles of most people around the globe, and made the need for eating greens an ancient thought. Though consuming fast food might seem to be a convenient thing to do in this fast paced world, but there is no comparison to the usefulness of eating greens regularly. The green vegetables are a must have for every individual, infant or old. The amount of nutrients, that the green vegetables provide to the body are innumerable and extremely healthy.

Exploring The Need For A Green Diet

The various good effects of green vegetables can be shortlisted as:

  1. Helps in cleaning the blood
  2. Helps in keeping the blood healthy
  3. Helps in keeping constipation and other bowel problems away

The occurrence of a cardiac arrest or heart attack is very commonly heard of in the present times. The basic reason behind this is the consumption of junk food which increases the cholesterol levels. This cholesterol traps materials in the blood and causes them to stick to the walls of the arteries of the heart. Slowly a plaque is formed as a layer on these oxygenated blood carrying vessels and chokes the artery, leading to cardiac arrest. It creates an obstacle in the proper functioning of the heart and may even become fatal.

The green vegetables, especially those that are darker in colour and leafy, help in breaking down this plaque considerably, thus resulting in the unobstructed and easy flow of oxygenated blood to the heart. The cholesterol levels are checked to great extent, at the same time purifying the blood and keeping it healthy.

In terms of digestion too, the green vegetables are much easier on the stomach than other food elements. The rich source of fibre in them helps to keep the bowels clear regularly. This is one reason that green vegetables should be included in a balanced diet prescribed by many a nutritionist or food enthusiast like Naman Wakil. He believes that an arrangement of some elements from all the basic food groups can constitute a well-balanced diet.

Problems in the bowel movement can be easily sorted out by the intake of greens and hence you will not require any kind of laxative. The formation of gas in the stomach can be avoided with large portions of green vegetables. This is mainly caused again by the fast food or in foods where the vegetables and fruits are in wrong combinations. The flora of the stomach causes this, and it is the green leafy vegetables that help the flora in eliminating this problem.

A Mediterranean diet is one such diet which includes a lot of fruits and vegetables that is not harmful for the body. Instead it is being considered as one of the healthiest diets and hence is being considered as the inspiration for a restaurant by certified foodie Naman Wakil .

A healthy diet is the basis for a happy living, and so it is worth the while if you spend some time daily on planning and making preparations for each meal that you consume.

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