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Learning essential writing tips is one of the most difficult things to keep up. There are so many words that keep on changing while some look similar, leading to confusion. People have become quite innovative and they have switched to watching films in the questof learning proper English language and focusing more on sentence structure.

After exhausting this method, people begin to pick some words and phrases within the English language. Some movies offers subtitles which are good in perfecting the writing skills especially in determining their sound. This allows the reader to become familiar with the words and facilitate reading. But, many people will ask, are these skills enough to enable me write my essay?

Yes, they are! In fact, there are hundreds of movies available to help you improve your writing skills. Let’s have a look at the best five.

My Fair Lady

The movie is a musical film that is about learning how to speak English language. The leading character Eliza, undergoes training on how to speak correct English with the help of a therapist who study the language. This is a perfect movie for anyone who want to improve their writing skills especially learning English.

The American President

If you have not watched The American President, this is the chance to do so. This movie offers a preview of the political arena with proper use of terms and phrases. With such prowess, you can be sure to learn more about politics, the government, law and some proper writing tips.

The Princess Diaries

The Disney film features a young girl who is taught all that it takes to become a princess. She is taught how to speak, act, eat, and dress like a princess. The dialogue is clear and the phrases are easy to comprehend. It is a good choice for those aspiring to learn new writing and speaking skills, especially the young girls.


Titanic is no doubt the most viewed and celebrated films of all times. Based on real life situation, it’s a love story told between a daughter from a wealthy background (Rose DeWitt) and a poor artist (Jack Dawson) who sneaks into the ship. It has some breathtaking scenes of what happened before the ship sank.

The dialogue in the film is unique and clear. A perfect option for those willing to learn and speak proper English.

The Hunger Games

The story here is set in a futuristic nation known as Panem. Each year, two people are chosen to represent their district in the famous Hunger Games Fight. Here comes a brave 16-year old girl who undergoes intense training and thrown into these fights to represent her district.

This is a visual movie. Whatever you miss during dialogue is covered up in the visual action. The language is easy to understand. It is a combination of romance, action, comedy and a taste of the future. A good selection for essential writing skills.

There you have it. Aside from being the most celebrated movies in the history of film making, they also acts as a learning ground where people can learn writing and speaking tips. I hope you enjoy watching them.

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