A Few Essential Diet Tips For Triathletes

A Few Essential Diet Tips For Triathletes

While swimming requires you to spend considerable energy, triathlon calls for a lot of it because triathlon typically requires you to take part in three consecutive activities at a stretch. Cycling, running and swimming are three of the most vigorous exercises and performing them at one go requires an altogether different level of strength and endurance. Now, if you have already reached an advanced level in swimming and, therefore, want to venture into triathlon, it is necessary for you to start preparing well beforehand. This preparation consists of practicing regularly, working on the weak areas, exercising daily and most importantly, following a strict diet plan.

A Few Essential Diet Tips For Triathletes

Apart from receiving the North Richland Hills swimming lessons and learning about the tricks and strategies involved in triathlon from the experts, here is a list of diet tips that you will need to follow.

ü  Eat Quality – Dieting, as opposed to the commonly held misconception, is definitely not starving to the extent of getting weaker instead of gaining strength. To begin with, leave aside calorie calculation and stuff and just make sure avoiding all sorts of junk foods that also include processed energy bars and gels and fatty foods. You can restrict your intake of alcohol to a maximum of one or two drinks a day. Keep caffeine to a minimum or avoid it completely if possible. So, what are you going to eat? Well, let your plates have sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables. Also, you can consume lean proteins and complex carbohydrates as much as you want because as a triathlete, you should never keep your stomach empty.

ü  Emphasize on Your Breakfast – The over willingness to be in shape and the fear of feeling heavy while swimming or running often turns out to be the primary reason behind swimmers falling sick. If you want to stay healthy throughout the day, start your day with a heavy breakfast. Experts are of the opinion that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day for triathletes because it offers them the much-needed kick start to the entire day.

ü  Never Completely Avoid the Macronutrients – As you move on to the later stages of your training and preparation for a triathlon, never ever forgo the macronutrients in the form carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These too have important functions on your body and are, therefore, crucial to your overall well-being. Giving your body the right amount of each along with enough fruits and vegetables work wonders in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

ü  Stay Hydrated – Drink loads of water and since, every body’s type differs from the other, it is best to consult your swim trainer or fitness expert on how much water you should essentially consume and also the right time for hydration. Over hydration can often lead to increased urination, which is also not desirable. Striking a balance is, therefore, the best way to go about it.

Follow these tips and make the most of your diet plan in helping you become an expert triathlete in the long run.

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