Things To Remember When Using An Electric Razor

The invention of electric razors has impacted the way men groom themselves. Where cavemen with scraggly and larger than life beards used to abound, today more and more men are getting clean shaven or have their beards styled or trimmed regularly. All thanks to the availability of this grooming tool that no longer necessitates a visit to the barber just for keeping their facial hairs well under control.

These electric razors are easy and simple enough to use, but there are some safety guidelines that must be observed in order for injuries to be avoided and prevented at all costs. Using an electric razor should be done with the following points in mind.

Things To Remember When Using An Electric Razor

  1. Steer clear of moisturizers, gels and creams when using an electric razor. The reason for this is that they will clog up the shaving head and potentially ruin your electric shaver. Unless you have the wet/dry electric shaver, never use the products before shaving in order to get a smooth, clean shave and prolong your shaver’s life.
  2. Let your skin adapt to the shaving routine for at least three weeks. Braun Electric Razors are generally ideal for beginners, but you will naturally take time getting used to using them. Don’t chuck them out the minute they don’t feel right in your hand; wait for a couple of weeks or more for you to get the hang of it.
  3. Taking care of your razor is an important part of your shaving routine. Make sure to clean it and rinse it thoroughly after every use to remove any hair or dirt that may have lodged in between the blades. Tap it gently against the sink to remove hair and dirt stuck to the blades, then use warm water to wash it. After rinsing with water, you can also rinse it with alcohol to disinfect as well as make sure that the inner parts get dry as well. Store your razor in a safe place, make sure it does not fall or get soiled where you place it for safekeeping. When storing or transporting your razor, always check that its head guard is in place for added protection.
  4. Although electric razors claim to be waterproof. It still is not advisable for you to use them while showering. It is not a safe practice, and can potentially damage your shaver, cutting its lifespan short. Unless you are using a wet and dry shaver, avoid using an electric razor under the shower for your own safety.
  5. If you prefer to shave with lubricants or something between your skin and the razor. Go for foams and lathers. Shaving creams and gels are not advisable, as they can get stuck in the shaver heads and cause clogging. They are not easy to clean away, unlike foams and lather which can easily be rinsed off with water. A good quality foam is best for use with electric razors.
  6. New technology. More and more men’s best electric razors with different features and cutting edge technology are now coming out in the market. The latest Panasonic electric shavers now have five blades which means increased efficiency and a much closer shaving experience. But no matter how advanced and superior your electric razor is in quality, proper use and maintenance are still essential to keep them performing in top shape. Blades must be replaced regularly, at least once every six months. This is to make sure that your blades are always sharp and your razor will always be in top performance level. This is also in keeping with proper hygiene.
  7. When using cordless electric razors. Always keep your razor batteries fully charged. A properly charged razor works at its optimum level, while razors with depleted batteries will need more work in order to function properly. This causes the razor to lose its accuracy, sharpness, and closeness of shave. Never use a poorly charged electric razor if you want to keep it working in optimum condition. When using your electric razor for the first time, charge it fully first.
  8. Always use moisturizer after shaving. This will soothe your skin and keep it hydrated. Your skin will thank you for being generous with moisturizer.

Electric razors have made life a lot easier for men, especially modern guys who do not know a thing about manual, traditional shaving. They have saved a lot of time and skin with their easy to use quality, portability and convenience. Although electric razors can be a bit pricey compared to manual shavers, they are worth investing in if you do not wish to constantly be paying for a barber’s services. Knowing the proper way of using them and how to maintain them, electric razors are eventually worth the price and will be any guy’s best grooming tool for a long time to come.

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