How To Configure Wireless Settings On Belkin Router?


Before I unleash the cool strides of arranging a belkin switch, I should advise you that I completed my trials with an old rendition of belkin “Remote G switch”. Yet, at this moment on business sector we have a significant number of new forms of a belkin remote switch.

How To Configure Wireless Settings On Belkin Router?

Step 1: Get yourself an UTP Ethernet link; connect your switch to control.

  • Interface your Ethernet link into any of the 4 LAN ports on the remote switch.
  • Design your portable PC with an IP Address “”.

NOTE: The default designed system on the Belkin switch is “” and the belkin switch has an IP Address of as a matter of course.

Step 2: Type the switch’s IP Address into the web-program as, ofcourse press Enter. You ought to have the capacity to get something like appeared in Figure 1 underneath:-

  1. belkin defualt screen shot
  2. At that point click on the Login catch on the Right Hand Side – Top Corner of the open belkin page as appeared previously.
  3. belkin login interface
  4. You ought to be come back to a more point by point page demonstrating to you a logout catch.
  5. Ooh before it slips my mind. Incase the switch was once arranged and it has a secret word. I recommend move to Step 2b. Resetting a Belkin Wireless switch. Generally proceed with step 3 to design the switch.
  6. Step 2b: Resetting a Belkin Wireless switch to default settings.
  7. Get a pin or utilize a lead of pen or anything little to fit into little opening.
  8. Take a gander at the back or base of your belkin switch, the little catch that peruses Reset.
  9. Press, and hold, the Reset catch down for 30 seconds.
  10. Sit tight for your Power, WLAN and Internet light to turn on. (On the switch)

Step 3: Internet WAN.

Presently I have my motivation behind why I like beginning with arranging web WAN rather than LAN setup choice. This is on account of I generally need to ensure I can have web with existing LAN settings (default IP address for the switch). I additionally prescribe you begin with web settings on the switch. So here we go. Belkin technical support number is available 24/7 and for any kind of issue related to your Belkin router you can contact the support team immediately.

  1. Under web WAN, pick Connection sort.
  2. For my situation I will utilize static choice and I have as of now clicked it. After snap the NEXT catch. You ought to have a screen as demonstrated as follows:-
  3. Arranging WAN IP Addresses
  4. Enter the IP addresses as gave to you’re by your ISP then apply changes. Following a few moments your switch ought to change to associated status as demonstrated as follows:
  5. Why half picture? Sorry folks, am not prepared to uncover my open IPs to the world.

Step 4: Configuring DNS

  1. Untick “Programmed from ISP” alternative.
  2. Arranging DNS
  3. Enter the DNS IP Addresses as gave to you by your administration supplier and apply.

Now you ought to have the capacity to surf web. I accept that you gave your PC the accompanying IP Addresses: (IP: SM: GW: and the DNS IPs from your administration supplier.

Step 5: Configuring remote settings.

Enter SSID (Name of your remote switch), Protected Mode: Enable insurance

Step 6: arranging remote security

At this phase in the remote switch. There 4 conventions you can look over to design your security. Well I incline toward WPA2 since is the most secure 128-piece scrambled key. You have even an alternative of giving visitors web as it were. Cool huh!!!

arranging security settings on belkin switch

It would be ideal if you abstain from utilizing lexicon or your families names specifically for secret word

Remote > Use as Access Point: You can initiate this choice in the event that you need to utilize this switch as access point. Picking web from your server on the LAN. Fundamentally with this alternative you can utilize it to have both a wired and remote LAN.

Step 7: Configuring LAN settings.

In this area you can choose to change the LAN IP say from default to another you need the decision is yours.

  1. LAN settings
  2. In the LAN Setting area I prescribe the accompanying;-

–          Always empower DHCP with ONLY the required IP Addresses. Say If you have like 5 individuals in your home; permit atleast 7 IP Addresses to be given out.

–          Always utilize the right Domain name “Neighborhood Domain Name”

Step 8: Configuring Router Password:

This component is essential in switch arrangement. Continuously set a secret key onto your remote switch to maintain a strategic distance from security issues.

  • The default secret key is constantly clear (no watchword). At that point enter your secret word that is sufficiently solid, you can without much of a stretch recollect but then not effectively hacked. At that point click Apply.
  • Set Time to your nations’ Time Zone settings for instance am in East Africa and we take after the Nairobi time zone.
  • Remote Management choice: Always sort in an IP Address you need to carryout remote administration of this switch. At that point spare the settings.
  • If you have taken after the above strides pleasantly then you will live to appreciate the enthusiasm of versatility inside your confort either in office or home.

Only a tip of guidance do the accompanying:-

– Save all your points of interest like passwords, IP Addresses and others that you have recently designed into a notebook or doc and keep them in extremely safe spot to abstain from looking imbecilic whenever you need to utilize them. Belkin router customer support number 1-888-989-8478 allows you to get your issues resolved within no time.

– Place your remote switch to a position extremely adaptable to your developments and work range. Say in case you’re to have this gadget into the entryway room or parlor or study room ensure it’s a spot that can have the capacity to give a sign everywhere on your home or office.

Alright incase you get any issue in your design simply send us a This email location is being shielded from spambots. You require JavaScript empowered to view will gladly help you or login into the discussion and post your inquiries.

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