How To Sell Processing Services Credit Card Merchants

How To Sell Processing Services Credit Card Merchants

Sell ​​processing services credit card is highly profitable because of the residual income originates. This article shows you how, from the effective prospecting to follow up after closing.

How To Sell Processing Services Credit Card Merchants

1- Start by creating some reliable sources of potential customers credit card processing. As the sales environment of any other industry, the best sources of leads are not always obvious. You must think creatively to find solid B2B leads.

  • Start by creating a list of other services that an owner of a new business must additionally have the credit card processing. The phone and Internet service providers probably dealing with the new business owners before you, so that your customers will be great potential customers for you.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attends weekly meetings. Contact professional associations and become the “preferred supplier” of services credit card processing. A business owner likes to do business directly, and then getting involved in different professional sectors is crucial to finding the best prospects.

2- If your employer does not give you a sales pitch, you should design your own. To do this, you must put yourself in the place of the trade. As a business owner, what do you look for in a high risk PSP? Sometimes the best way to know is simply asking.

  • Take time to ask all the relevant questions about how the trader directs its business. What is the average monthly sales volume of the merchant? Where it transacts, in person or online? Do you have any special needs? Be sure to take detailed notes on the conversation.
  • Finally, ask the dealer if you would like you to design solution for your business customers only. If the answer is yes, compares the needs of the merchant against the services you have available a smart solution. Remember, in B2B sales, each transaction is a consultative process. You’re better off if you transfer a patient care and arrangement rather than using more traditional and aggressive sales approach.

3- Go to the merchant. If you have created a smart solution high risk credit card processing for one of your prospects, the next step is to schedule an appointment. Ask the dealer that gives you 15-20 minutes to talk about your solution, before the meeting creates various visual aids to help position the product. You want to help the trader to imagine your solution as a real part of your business rather than as a separate service.

  • Also, be sure to avoid using any jargon that the trader does not understand. It is always better to explain in simple terms and never tell the merchant more than you need to know. Instead, constantly reminds the dealer how your solution meets their conception of an ideal service credit card processing. If you make all this correctly, the trader is willing to continue with the transaction.

4- Build a “package” of prospects. In the merchant service industry, you can delay you up to a month to close an account. That is, the most successful sellers of credit card processing will have different arrangements in the works at any given point. This is called your set. Be sure to keep continuous contact altogether by new prospects, tracking potential customers who became unenthusiastic and strengthening the final details of extended agreements. Even if you start closing different accounts do not allow your whole decreases.

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