Travel Tips For Smart Luxury Travellers

Travel Tips For Smart Luxury Travellers

Travelling can be as thrilling as sitting on a roller coaster. So, when you plan of a journey especially by a train, you really need to pack your bags smartly. It’s not just that you sit back and relax – until and unless you have put everything in your bags quite quizzingly – from packing light to put almost everything you would require on the journey. One can travel in any train but there something while travelling by train. Journey by train can be quite different; especially if it’s a luxury train like Maharaja Express. Maharaja Express is not just another ordinary Indian Train but a royal carnage which carries Indian history and culture in it’s cabins. So, when you check out for Maharaja Express Booking; expect the unexpected! Here are some of the best travelling tips you can utilise while travelling.

Light Pack and Stow Your Stuff: While you are travelling on your train it is a good idea to travel light. Pack only those things which you require essentially. Rather than packing loads of clothes and cosmetics make combinations  which are colourful and bright. These will not only keep your bags light but also get some most beautiful photographs for you. Interestingly Maharajah express itself is an architectural marvel filled with some of the most exquisite crafts, arts and designs. All its cabins are filled with world – class facilities , deluxe cabins, six junior suites, one presidential suite and another two  beautiful suites. Including the state – of – art facilities are LCD televisions, DVD players, luxury restaurants serving authentic Indian cuisine and intercontinental cuisines. The entire environment on board is a replica of royalty and their lifestyle. So, maharajas express booking can be quite exciting for those seeking to travel by this historical train of India!

Travel Tips For Smart Luxury Travellers

Enjoy every moment: Every train gives a unique experience – be it an ordinary one or a culturally rich one! So, enjoy every second while being on board. Like Maharaja express train is filled with all beautiful amenities which were there in the bygone era. Two beautiful restaurants Rang Mahal and Peacock serve Indian and Continental food which will make your journey more memorable. Wine and beer are served complimentary on board. Attendants dressed in royal attire are there to serve you. On board are 5-star facilities which are par excellence in every manner. So, if  you wish to travel on something like this royal carnage; you can do Maharaja Express booking online too. The creation of Indian Railway and Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) along with Cox and Kings India Ltd. Its booking can be done on IRCTC website too using any International Credit and Debit cards and not just American Express Credit Card. And once you are board, do not forget to take a lot of photographs on board to keep the memories of this wonderful journey with you!

Try Out Local Etiquette while on Board: It can be quite interesting to try some authentic Indian etiquette while being on board. Try out eating Indian dishes with hands, try out Indian soups and sweet dishes. Sit across amongst the heavily decorated table and enjoy a King like breakfast/lunch/dinner served on your platter. You can also enjoy the service by asking about the way these dishes has been prepared as normally it takes hours to prepare these dishes. You can also check out the wine cellar for best Indian royal wines and spirits served on board. And all of this you can enjoy if you are on board this train. So, while you get the Maharaja Express Booking done, be sure of the fact that you will get best of the class facilities while on board!

Enjoy the local Tours: Most of the tour trains take you to the local destinations. Enjoy these destinations while you enjoy the services on board. Take pictures, get a guide and know about the places you visit and take numerable memories along with you. It’s one of the best things you can do while you are on  a tour. And when you are on something like royal Rajasthan on wheels; it’s going to be quite different.

Above are some of the tips which can be used to be on a memorable journey which can also be one of the best journeys of life. Try these and surely it will be one of the best train journey’s you ever had.

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