American Heroes Who Tackled A Gunman In A Train Honored

Just the other day, we heard the news of brave passengers who tackled a gunman on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris. If it wasn’t for their brave action, maybe we could be talking of a train massacre. The three were on car no. 12 which they had moved to after the car which they were in experience poor Wi-Fi connections. French President Francois Hollande honored those that were involved including Chris Norman, a British businessman. According to cnn usa live online is that they were awarded with the highest medal in France as the crowd applauded.

American Heroes Who Tackled A Gunman In A Train Honored

They were made Chevaliers which means the knights of the Legion of Honour when they received the medals. This has actually made them heroes throughout the world. Their vacation turned into a rescuing mission. The three included Alek Skarlatos, a National Guardsman as well as Spencer Stone a 1st Class Airman and Anthony Sadler, a college student all of Sacramento, California. The three Americans childhood friends received the awards on August 24, 2015 at the Elysee Palace.

Two other passengers that included Mark Moogalian are yet to receive their medals. According to  report that Moogalian suffered from a gunshot. The other hero asked not to be named. Identified as Ayoub El-Khazzani, a Moroccan aged 25 years; the French counterterrorism police are questioning him. There have been speculations that he just wanted to steal from the passengers and just escape as per a statement by Sophie David who is his lawyer.

Another sad news is of killing of british driver during an airshow .In southeastern England during an air show, there was a crash on A27 highway which is a UK highway that is known to be quite busy and is near the Shoreham airport, Sussex. According to the news on cnn usa free stream live online is that several people are reported to have died when the Cold War-era Hawker Hunter jet came crushing while 14 others on the same highway were injured. The pilot of the jet is said to have survived although he suffered from severe injuries and is in a critical condition.

Initially, seven people were confirmed to have died when the jet nosedived but the number rose to 11 and there could still be more bodies at the wreckage that is yet to be hauled away. This report was confirmed by Superintendent Jane Derrick. Although Sussex police had said that they had the names of those suspected to have died at the crash, they said that they need more assistance for the victim’s next of kin for clarity.

Due to the crash, the highway remained closed until the wreckage was hauled away on Monday while the Shoreham Airshow that had been put on by the Royal Air Forces Association was cancelled.Jet that crashed was flying a loop in an event that involved several other vintage military aircrafts. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the Sussex Police have called on all the witness that might have video footages and photographs to forward them to assist in the investigations.

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