Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets – All That You Need To Know

Neodymium magnets belong to the family of rarest earth magnets. Often there is a lot of confusion regarding their distinctness from the rare earth magnets. Some common considerations are regarding their attributes.

Neodymium magnets and their attributes

The following points can help in understanding the distinct properties of these magnets:

Difference between Neodymium and other magnets

Neo magnets are a variant of the rare earth magnets, which are composed of rare elements listed in the periodic table. Neo magnet is the strongest of these and hence extremely popular.


Neodymium magnets get graded according to their magnetic strength. Higher number implies higher magnetic strength and vice versa. For example:

  • N35 grading implies low magnetic strength.
  • N52 grading implies high magnetic strength.

Drilling, cutting and soldering Neodymium magnets

It is not recommended to subject the magnet to machining as it can cause damage and break the magnet. Soldering is also not recommended as the magnet may catch fire at high temperatures. More information on the do’s and don’ts regarding Neodymium magnets can be obtained from


Neodymium magnets may demagnetize when exposed to very high temperatures.


It is not recommended to expose Neodymium magnets to salt water as they have a tendency to corrode. Epoxy plating can protect them from corrosion.

Safety and health risks

Neodymium magnets are not known to cause any health issues and are safe to use. However, being one of the strongest magnets, it is advisable to handle them appropriately.

Effect on electronics

Neodymium magnets do not adversely impact electronics like calculators, ipod’s and cell phones, which do not have magnetic storage. It is advisable to keep away Neo magnets from electronics and media which have magnetic storage. These include credit and debit cards, video and cassette tapes, computer monitors and television sets. Similarly, it is recommended to keep the magnet away from floppy discs as they have a magnetic storage.

Magnetic attraction

Neodymium magnets, just like other magnets are attracted towards ferromagnetic materials. The magnet has a natural tendency to attract items made of cobalt, nickel and iron. Few types of steels, which have iron content, may also attract Neo magnets.

Coating of neodymium magnets

Neo magnets have iron as a component which may oxidize quickly and can rust over a period of time. It is for this reason that neodymium magnets get coating, to protect them from rust.


Neodymium magnets remain the strongest permanent magnets. They are known to maintain their strength over very long periods of time, unless exposed to very high temperatures. In such cases, they may lose their magnetic strength.

Stacking together of Neodymium magnets

If two or more Neo magnets are kept together, their magnetic strength can increase. The increase however, may not be proportional to the combined strength of all the magnets stacked together.

Neodymium magnets possess certain distinct qualities. Due to their magnetic strength and permanency, they are increasingly used in a variety of applications. With a little caution, they can be utilized effectively.

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