Territy Bazar – Exploring The Chinese Quarters Of Kolkata


Perhaps the only part of the city like Kolkata which starts its routine right at 5 in the morning, the Territy Bazar is something you cannot miss. Filled with refreshing aroma of the freshly boiled items, you can find students, early office goers and locals from the neighbouring areas rushing to the market area for some amazing Chinese. Let’s know more about this amazing marketplace.

At the time when the rest of Kolkata is absorbed in deep sleep, the Territy Bazar in Sun Yat Sen Road comes alive with people whizzing in and out of the market area. Famous as the Chinese market in the city, the majority of commercial properties are actually owned by natives from China. Amusing as it is, exploring a Chinese neighbourhood (like it is in New York) will give you immense cultural fix. You can too plan up a fun weekend in the city and explore the region. Being the capital city of the state of West Bengal, you can easily find a Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Pune to Kolkata flight to reach the destination.

Territy Bazar - Exploring The Chinese Quarters Of Kolkata

The lanes of Territy Bazar is filled with Chinese vendors selling stuff made in homeland. If you’ve seen in documentaries on Discovery Channel and National Geographic, the Chinese workforce is highly dedicated towards what they do. Just like sincere students working on their homework, these vendors lay their wares and begin their work in a disciplined manner. The moment you enter the market, a mix aroma of gas from huge stoves, boiled food items and local spices surrounds your nose. The best time to visit the market is right at the crack of dawn, when the vendors serve the best of Chinese cuisine.

The market is specifically known for its breakfast menus, and in fact the red roast pork vanishes immediately it arrives in the market. By merely looking at it, you can almost imagine its juicy taste and spicy flavour, the one that lingers in your mouth and mind, long after the dish has been consumed. You’d find many takers of steaming momos and dimsums in the market. They look so good that you might almost fall in love with them. Other items like Tofu and Mikao Pao, served with sweet garlic soy sauce never fails to tingle your taste buds, leaving you craving for more. There are unimaginable varieties of spring rolls and sausages, which surely hook the meat lovers. There are few shops which serves some mind blowing Chinese soups. The pork and fish balls soup, a speciality of this market, should definitely be tried.

The market is also known for providing fresh food items to the locals. In case you need to get fresh vegetables, different varieties of fishes and crabs and other ready-to-eats, the market is an amazing place to enjoy the best of nature. Apart from the food, the market also consists of several items for household use, like chopsticks, Chinese sauces, cutlery items and even items of home furnishing.

The Territy Market is one of the hidden gems in Kolkata tourism and exploring it would definitely be a good way to kickstart your expedition.

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