Debunking Myths About CAT Exam With Byjus

Preparing for CAT 2016? The level of preparation differs from person to person. There is no ‘one way’ to prepare for CAT. But there are a lot of myths that our CAT mentors have been facing from the aspirants. We have compiled and debunked the most common myths revolving around CAT exam.

Debunking Myths About CAT Exam With Byjus

Girls cannot solve quantitative aptitude and hence there are less number of girls in IIMs: The recent statement by Chanda Kochhar who said “Make quants easy for girls in CAT” have stirred some controversy, but the truth is, maths has nothing to do with gender. We have seen many 100 percentiler in CAT who are girls and have aced the test. The proportion of girls and boys appearing the test makes the classes of IIMs less gender diversified.

CAT is meant for IITs or engineering: CAT has nothing to do with the educational background of the candidates. Remember as long as you hold a valid graduate degree, you are eligible to appear for CAT and other managerial examinations. People from academic background other than engineering are equally good.

Do not mix your public speaking or debating skills with verbal ability. You still need practice in verbal questions. The time limit and the closeness of options are confusing enough to choose. Even the toastmasters falter because of lack of practice.

If I appear the test in the last three days, then it will be easier for me: This is another myth for CAT. The truth is, CAT Exam software has vast set of questions, which is going to be difficult for each candidate, and the level changes after each time you answer the question.

People will work ex has an advantage over the ones who are appearing in the final year of graduation: Even though work ex helps boosting the overall selection procedure, they have to surpass the sectional cut offs. We need to note that preparing with a job is a lot more difficult with all the targets, deadlines and job related responsibilities. Whereas the final year students usually have the leeway with less credit subjects and projects to cover- leaving more number of hours to prepare at their dispense.

MBA is all about IIMs: Not true, a lot of un-IIMs have made it to the top MBA institutes in India. S P Jain, Narsee Monjee, FMS-Delhi, Symbiosis are just a few examples. Click here for the detailed list of cut offs of the colleges for both IIMs and other top management colleges.

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