How About A Tour from Bangalore To Goa?

How About A Tour from Bangalore To Goa

From a highly advanced city to a high voltage town, take a great ride from Bangalore to Goa. You can take a guide with you or just customise your own path. Why is it difficult to think about the state beyond its beaches? Read on.

Pristine blue and golden sand and a chilled out atmosphere all over are the best descriptions for Goa. But, there is something more. Goa still has a lot more to discover. The state is full of surprises and whenever you visit be prepared to get amazed with a new look.

This journey is from the IT city, Bangalore to the Party capital of India, Goa. Though, Bangalore is no less than Goa in partying but the scene and the view are different. Bangalore is, of course, more polished and high rise provides a different feel, whereas, Goa is more close to the Earth. Goa is now well-connected with other neighbouring cities. From Bangalore, you will get different options to reach Goa. The best and less time taking mode is taking Bangalore to Goa flights. For a luxurious trip, you can easily avail the premiere class.

 How About A Tour from Bangalore To Goa?

Walking through the lane of Portuguese style houses all around you and you will slowly realise the old charm of Goa is not lost yet. You should discover Old Goa and the colourful houses. The paths, cafeteria and the walls all reflects the history and essence of the bygone era. Christmas in Goa is another great time to explore. Besides, the large and loud party, the charming Old Goa celebrates the festival in its own way. Homestay is now in trend and if you get a good Portuguese family, then why not? What better can happen with you during Christmas! Churches in the tiny villages, graphiti, Old Portuguese houses and, of course, the delicious culinary of Goa, this way of exploring Goa is the best things to do.

Visit Divar Island, it has an exotic atmosphere to allure you. Along, the River Mandovi, the beautiful and the small Island of Divar is a treat to the visitors. Surrounded by thick mangrove trees, spend as much time as you can. Before the island became Catholic, it was a famous Hindu centre. Panjim was always the heart of Goa. Diver the capital of state before, but it is a tranquil little island. The architectural walk is the ideal things to cherish in Divar. Discover as much as you can. The villas and the art deco-style house all awaits you.

From Goa, you have to take ferries, the ferry ride is of free but taking your car cost only Rs 10. It is better you take your hired transport with you as there is a lack of transport on Divar. However, Divar is a great spot to visit and appreciate the Old Goa. If you plan a Bangalore to Goa by road trip, then do check Bangalore to Goa cab for a smooth journey.

So, this season, pack your bag and ply to Goa. Have a nice time!

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