Get These Tiles To Make Your House Look Astonishing

The flooring part of any house or room is an important area which every house owner should look into. If you opt for installing tiles (instead of marble, granite or wooden flooring) it is important to choose the right tiles in strength, color and brand.

Get These Tiles To Make Your House Look Astonishing

f you are looking to change or instantly transform the look of your home or office space, then honey onyx tiles are the perfect solution to achieve the desired look. Onyx is a beautiful and translucent natural stone that is found in a range of colors. It can sometimes be confused with agate with the difference between them being that agate displays bands that are curved while onyx displays bands that are parallel. Historically, onyx was used for carving and jewellery making while Egyptians used it for pottery making. Honey onyx looks stunning & create an effect that is luminous and dramatic in your home. Too create a luxe aesthetic, you can backlit your home and enjoy the mesmerizing appearance. Honey onyx tiles are available in warm tones that have shades of gold, yellow and orange. There is a wide range of tiles that you can select from.

Marble has always been a treasure for many people because of its utility and beauty. It is a building material that is durable and available in a wide range of colors and is used for flooring, staircases, fireplace mantels, counters, tabletops, powder baths and other places around the house that are not heavily used. Despite its sturdiness, it porous nature makes it stain easily as it absorbs spilled oils and drinks which necessitates the need for regular care and maintenance. White Carrara marble tiles are made from high quality marble which is mined in Carrara, Italy. These tiles are not only beautiful but also very strong and are popularly used as building décor and as a medium for sculptures. Carrara marble has been in use since ancient roman times and there is evidence of architectural décor that exists till date such as the Basilica of Massa which was entirely built using this particular kind of marble.

White Carrara marble looks mesmerizing with its soft, subtle veining that appears to be linear within the stone and the grayish tinge. The availability of white Carrara marble tiles is higher than that of other marble varieties which makes these tiles more affordable. Carrara marble tiles are a beautiful choice and can act as a great alternative to granite and a variety of other stones for kitchens, bathrooms and other decorative features all over your home. When cleaning White Carrara marble or honey onyx tiles, it is important to use a cutting board during food preparation on such surfaces if they have been installed in the kitchen. To prevent water stains in your cultured White Carrara marble shower. Ensure to wipe away the water drops from the marble surfaces. Use a toiletry tray in the bathroom to protect the marble or honey onyx surface from the damaging chemicals that are used to manufacture toiletry products. Marble and honey onyx surfaces should be dusted and wiped regularly in order to maintain their cleanliness and also use of area rugs, coasters and floor mats protects both of the surfaces from stains and scratches.

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