New Year Travel Plan – Places To Explore!

The countdown has begun; it is December already, and within few days, you would be landing in 2016, the new year. A new year, a new start, a new hope, a new phase – time for some new resolutions, isn’t it? You must be planning to celebrate the New Year eve, and why not, it’s the best way to welcome the new beginning with all the joy and in high spirits. Yes, spending the very first day with full enthusiasm is a great idea to set out the same trend for the coming days ahead in a dashing and energetic way. So, where are you planning to celebrate your New Year Eve? Well! Before you plan, do check out some of the world’s best destinations to celebrate this New Year’s Eve.   

London, Get Crazy As the Clock Strikes the New Year at Big Ben!

You would feel fabulous at the River Thames; enjoying the cocktails, parties, performances and food. The evening draws many souls into the soul of the city; the whole surrounding turns more happening, with the crowd getting bigger and bigger for the famous fireworks. With the strike of the second’s hand of the clock at twelve at the Big Ben, the midnight sky over London turns into a spectacular sight with colorful fireworks. You would love the mesmerizing and breathtaking scene with millions others at the shores of the Thames River. The sensational musical fireworks will surely take you to some other world.

Dubrovnik, Hit the Floor with Musical Concerts!

Dubrovnik has its rich musical heritage. New Year celebration at Dubrovnik is always very spectacular and special, with many popular music shows and concerts. Every year, enthusiastic visitors gather here to welcome the New Year with impressive Croatian music. Famous Rock bands like Valetudo and DaRiva will be there on 31st December to take you into another world with their sensational performance at Stradun.

Las Vegas, the Sin City!

When it comes to partying at clubs and casinos; Las Vegas is at the top of the list of any traveler. It’s a place where visitors come to have ultimate fun and enjoyment. The eve of New Year is very happening at Vegas, as if the whole city turns itself into some big club. You would love to freak-out on the jam-packed streets of Vegas with others. The chains of classy clubs and casinos organize impressive fireworks and parties for the millions of visitors, who come to celebrate the New Year party at Las Vegas.

Sydney – Watch the Scintillating Fireworks at the Harbor of Lights, Parade

Every year, visitors from all over the world gather at the famous Sydney Harbor to welcome the New Year. The world’s famous fireworks show, the Harbor of Lights, Parade, will mesmerize you; making your visit truly worthwhile. The harbor offers a perfect destination to party hard, the whole night.

Vienna – Have the Gala Dinner!

Vienna, a city with rich tradition, offers a great destination to celebrate the New Year with a bang! The entire city gets a glee look at the onset of New Year. Every year, on the eve of New Year, crowds of visitors gather at the Old City to party hard and make merry in the merriment and mesmerization of this place. Once you are here at this sparkling place, you would love the gala dinners, opera and festive ball.

Prague, City of a Hundred Spires!

Prague, one the most traditional and beautiful cities of the world, has always been a great destination for celebrating the welcoming of the coming year. Swarms of visitors land into the Town Square, Letná Parks and Wenceslas Square to enjoy the breathtaking fireworks and to try the traditional Czech dishes and drinks. When you are in Prague, don’t forget to have the grog and honey liquor, which is a traditional beverage here. You would surely love to celebrate your New Year eve in the traditional style of Czech.

Hope you enjoyed the list. So now, don’t be lazy this time; get set and go out to celebrate the New Year eve to give a dashing start to the coming year, 2016. You don’t have to be great to start this; you just have to start to be great. Wish you a very “Happy New Year”, well in advance; hope you have a gala time!

Author Bio: She is a reader, writer, dreamer, a foodie and a big International Holiday lover. Travel through writing, read while traveling, the dream of travelling, and travel in dreams comprises a few of her favourite things.

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