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Assigning students a book to read which they later have to review, is a common practice of high-school teachers. There are several reviews on books on the internet for the students to go through and seek guidance on how to write book reviews from. However, the students get no step-by-step guidelines by the teacher or the samples, to make the task easier for them. Here are a few tips n how to write a good book review.

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Describe what the book is about: This does not mean that you write the complete plot of the book in the first paragraph. As per UK essay writing service, this is actually a very bad way to start things. Save some of the twists and turns to mention later and just give the reader a general idea on which the whole book is written. Was it on feminism or revolution? Is it fiction or non-fiction? Refrain from indulging into details as yet.

Discuss what you liked about the book:  In the second paragraph, you can mention a few details, but remember to write about the positive factors, such as an influential character. Did the characters feel real? Was it well-written? Was the plot interesting enough? Did it tug your heartstrings at any point, making you laugh or cry? These are some of the factors that force an avid reader to go for the book.

Discuss what you disliked about the book: Generally, after you have discussed what is likable about the book and why one should give it a read, you should discuss something you did not like if there is any. This will help you to form a conclusion a later on as to whether the book is worth a read or not. Is it something that the writer said that you disagree with? Did the writer seem too biased and prejudiced? Was the story predictable?

Conclusion: After you have carefully assessed the book and discussed each good or bad point, you have to form a conclusion. Remember that this is your opinion over the book and that you do not necessarily have to convince the reader to agree with you. Let the reader decide if he wants to go for the book or not. However, you can always rate the book on a scale of one to five, one being the worst and five meaning it’s an amazing read.

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