The Power Of Arts-Based Facilitation

The Power Of Arts-Based Facilitation

There’s nothing worse than having to go on a training course that’s boring, stuffy and awkward. Picture the scene; the trainers aren’t enthused with what they’re teaching, people are checking their phones instead of listening and there are blank faces instead of answers to questions. Sounds familiar? Chances are that you’ve been on a couple of courses in your time that were just like the previous scenario. Here at Steps Drama, we’re passionate about providing courses that challenge people and challenge their pre-conceptions. We use a range of arts based techniques to unlock people’s potential and get them thinking about creative solutions.

The Power Of Arts-Based Facilitation

Our Facilitators

At the core of our organisation are our facilitators. They are the key to unlocking potential in people and helping them to think outside the box. All of our facilitators are trained by the CIPD in Advanced Facilitation, so they’re really experienced in their area. They aren’t there to tell you what to think, they help you to create your own solutions and ideas to problems in a fun, engaging environment.

Safe Space

If people are watching a presentation on a subject and simply sitting and copying notes off a PowerPoint for a whole session, how much do they really learn? We believe that it’s essential that people get involved in ideas and one of the best ways for people to learn is for them to debate with each other and exchange thoughts. Our experienced facilitators offer a safe, accommodating space for delegates and we encourage people to engage with the issues we present to them.


We love to use scripted drama to convey complex issues that we’re covering. It’s a way of getting people to look at something from a different perspective and in a way they might never have thought of before. We believe visual learning can be a great way to introduce people to an idea and grab their attention.


Our interactive drama lets the audience of delegates jump right in and start actively learning. One of our facilitators will begin a scenario and then use the advice and direction of delegates to guide the narrative and outcomes of the interactive scenario. It lets people debate and compromise, which are really important communication skills to use in business. Being able to see the effects of their actions acted out in front of them can provoke a lot of thought and discussion amongst a group.


Role-play has been at the heart of what we do for several years and we’ve found it to be a really effective tool when getting people to review and practice tips and advice. We’ve started to film role-plays too and use them to look back on and review actions and behaviour, so that the group can decide on how to improve.

At Steps Drama we’re confident that using Arts-based facilitation has tremendous results and we love to inspire people to act differently. By giving them a unique space to try out and experiment with new ideas and behaviours, we feel that groups can take their new insights and practice them in their careers and personal lives. Creative exercises stimulate people’s imagination and help them to see things from a different perspective and we feel that arts based facilitation is valuable for any organisation.

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