How To Prepare For A Trip To London?

How To Prepare For A Trip To London?

London is one of the greatest destinations in the world. In fact, according to Standard, the old city of London is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

No matter the part of the world you are coming from, you have to be aware of the fact that London is not just another regular tourist destination. You have to be prepared for it.

If you do not want to experience culture shock the first minute you set your foot on the British soil, make sure to read this quick guide on preparing yourself for a trip to London.

How To Prepare For A Trip To London?

Information is everything you need

First of all, you have to know why you are visiting London. If you are there for a couple of days, you should check out the greatest see sights first, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and London Eye. If you are fast enough, and if you know how to get by in the Underground, you can visit all of them in three days time (this is a rough estimate, because you never know how crowded they can be).

Once you have found out what to visit, you can start looking for a place to stay. Depending on your budget (and needs), you can check out hotels, motels, and hostels, which truly offer a wide range of budgeting options. Mind you that the closer you are to the centre, the more expensive the stay will be (the same applies to it being close to popular see sights). Many hotels today offer cheaper service for a bed if you do not eat at their restaurant, which can actually be okay if you are planning to spend the day outside.

It is interesting that the city of London does not require you to pay museum fees, so if you are into culture, be free to visit for example Natural History Museum (from 10 AM to 5:30 PM), or Victoria and Albert Museum, and get in touch with magnificent British culture free of charge.

Prepare a Camera

If you are planning to go to London this year and still do not have a camera, think twice before going bare-handed. Even though memories are one of the finest mementos one can get from a trip, physical evidence incorporated in photos can help you relive those moments again when you go back home. Thus, finding a good photo camera is definitely a must-have when planning to go to London. However, mind you that the weather there is always wet, so, unless you want to lose all your memories, you are probably going to need a waterproof camera. Find one that fits your needs even when you come back from the London travel.

Rainy Days?

Even though the prejudice about London being the rainiest place on Earth comes from the time before Christ (literally, because the Ancient Romans have started this rumour when they tried to settle the island of Great Britain during their first conquests, way back in Julius Caesar’s expeditions). However, this is not far from truth, so what you will definitely need in London is a pair of boots, raincoat, and of course, an umbrella so that you can show off to the world of how prepared you are for the weather conditions. Carry your branded umbrella wherever you go in London, and you will not be surprised by a sudden shower, even during the summer.

London is a place of history and wherever you turn, the odds are that you are going to spend some quality time. Do not forget to visit their pubs – you are definitely going to miss so much out!

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