Preparing For Your Holiday Travels By Car

Ice and snow are just around the corner for many states, and even if you live in one that doesn’t get a white winter, you may be driving to one for the holidays, which are also just around the corner. Sure, maybe you’ll fly, take the train, or take the bus, but if you are driving long distance, even if it’s just a couple hundred miles, you want to make sure that your vehicle, and you, are ready for the road ahead.

Preparing For Your Holiday Travels By Car

Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Winter is the perfect time to get your vehicle tuned up and ready for the road. New tires can help save you from sliding off the road or getting stuck in a snow bank just as much as they can save you from having a blowout on the highway.

Cold can be horrible on your engine, which is why you need to get it winterized. You don’t want oils and transmission fluid, and all that other stuff freezing, so make sure you take your vehicle in before the temps start to drop too low.

An overall check of your entire vehicle is super important, and it will ensure that, warm or cold, your vehicle will run well and be all that much more safe.

Having A Safety Plan

Speaking about safety, not only does a full car inspection help you be safer on the road, you should also have a safety plan set. Start off by having an emergency cell phone in your glove box that you keep charged. Even a cell with no service can call 911. You should also have an emergency kit and first aid kit in your vehicle.

A vehicle emergency kit should include things like flares, heat blankets, a caution triangle for the window, and even jumper cables. You should also have a spare set of warm clothing, extra gloves and hats, and some food and water. These things could save your life in case of getting stuck, and accident, or if your vehicle breaks down.

Always Be Prepared

These are all your first steps to being prepared before you hit the road, but they are not the only ways to prepare. Before you head out let the people at your destination know you are coming and what way you will be coming. This way, if you don’t arrive in a timely manner they can alert the authorities and give them info on your path.

You should also check the weather on your path, even last minute. The weather can often change in mere moments, so be prepared for snow and freezing temps. You may want to pull off and add a night at a motel to your trip, simply to save your life.

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