Things You Need To Know About Travelling Insurance

To some, travelling is more than a just business requirement. It is a hobby, a pleasure, a passion to many. Travelling demands a lot of attention and preparation. A moment of carelessness and everything could be spoiled. Therefore, it becomes necessary that all the preparations must be made. International travel insurance provides you safety in travelling along with many benefits. It offers coverage for many problems like, trip cancellations, medical assistance and any unforeseen circumstance that can ruin your travel.

Things You Need To Know About Travelling Insurance

Taking Insurance hardly crosses your mind while you are planning your trip abroad, but the benefits insurance can bring cannot be denied.

1) Emergency medical cover: This insurance provides cover for any emergency medical need that you might confront abroad. It includes pre and post hospitalization expenses along with the expenses of your return to your homeland.

2) Trip cancellation and interruption cover: International trip insurance covers the expenses if your complete or partial trip gets cancelled due to any personal and professional reasons.

3) Loss of baggage: In case your luggage is lost, insurance compensates the amount equal to the value of your baggage.

4) Legal liability cover: In the course of your travelling if there is any kind of damaged caused by you to the third party and a legal dispute arises, this insurance covers all the legal expenses.

5) Loss of important travel documents: In case important documents like passports, tickets, etc. are lost, international travel insurance pays the fee for reapplying for the documents.

6) Hospital coverage: If you happen to get admitted to a hospital, this insurance will cover the hospital expenses.

7) Repatriation: International travel insurance covers the expenses for moving the insured person to the insured’s country of residence.

8) Allowance for hijack distress: In unforeseen case of hijack of the vehicle in which the insured was travelling, the insurance will pay a certain amount as daily allowance up till the limit of the policy.

9) Personal accident: You and your loved ones will be covered in case of your accident or death during the travel.

10) Financial assistance in emergency: In case of theft or robbery of travel fund, this insurance will provide the monetary assistance.

Every good thing has a limitation, so has this insurance. There are certain things that this policy doesn’t cover. It does not cover any already existing disease unless it is life threatening. It also does not include any kind of loss or damage under terrorism and diseases like AIDS and HIV. This insurance gets null if the insurer is involved in any kind of criminal activity, self-induced injury or suicide. There are several other exclusions that you must know about before taking the insurance.

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