Find The Best Health and Fitness Routine For You

Have you ever wondered whether your success or failures on your health pursuit has nothing to do with how you give yourself nourishment or rest or the kind of workout you do? What if everything you have done so far is not what is right for you? A majority of us knows what it is like to be on a fitness roller coaster. We might be following a routine and then something new comes along, maybe your friend suggests a new routine or you might come across it on the internet. We do some basic research about this new “trend” and then based on the enthusiastic testimonials and before and after pictures, we decide this is the best routine for us.

Find The Best Health and Fitness Routine For You

In preparation to the new routine, we throw out everything we had till then, our diet, our workout gears and our routine. We jump into the new plan with enthusiasm and we are excited to try out the new plan which WE decided is the best for us! But, it all goes downhill when a few weeks later; we look at ourselves and wonder have I really changed?

In this article, we try and look at some simple steps to help you find the best health and fitness plan for you.

To become healthier as individuals and as a society, we must be ready to be part of the genre who tries different things. We have to listen to our body and find positive lifestyle changes that we can stick with for the long haul. Start by asking yourself this:

Find The Best Health and Fitness Routine For You

Do I Enjoy This?

You don’t have to be extremely obsessed, but you have to learn to enjoy it enough to push past the resistance your mind will give you after the novelty of the routine wears off. Another question you need to ask yourself is “Do I Dread This”. If the answer is yes, it is high time you find yourself a different routine.


We all have different commitments and schedules. A full time employee may have lesser hours to work out than a student in college. Start with a time commitment which you will be able to meet and sustain. You will start seeing the difference.

Talk to the Right People

This does not necessarily mean the people around you per se. It can be an online community or some sort of forum to discuss your goals, limitations and achievements. This can be useful for both diet and work out routines.

Is it Working?

Like every business or process goes through a review and audit, same goes for reviewing your workout routine. You can go back to the programs and check if you are able to lift heavier weights or do more reps without reaching failure. You can also check body measurements, blood pressure and cholesterol levels to ensure you are on the right track.

Choosing the right fitness program will have to go through a trial and error method, however, we at Fitness19 are here to help you identify the best program to meet your health and fitness objectives.

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