Wet Rot Is A Serious Thing That Needs Immediate Treatment

Wet rotis a worrying issue which needs a quick remedial action from you. Otherwise, there is a 100 per cent risk that the structure of your house can go topsy-turvy. And there is also a possibility that your house goes beyond repair and you are left with just one option – to build your home all over again. It’s a serious condition which can play havoc with buildings, including your home. You need to be vigilant about this problem, because it can grow and become a serious issue. If you want that integrity of your home’s structure remains intact for a lifetime then you need to ensure that this condition should never occur in your property. You know it that if the structure of your property gets disturbed you will need lot of money to restore what you have lost. So if you detect any rot problem dry or wet you must deal with it forthwith in order to save your property. Your timely action will not only save your home it will also save costs which today in the times of recession, is essential.

 Wet Rot Is A Serious Thing That Needs Immediate Treatment

Wet rot problem is really a serious thing specially with timber framed homes. Such homes can easily crumble if the issue is not resolved on time. If you don’t treat the rot it can seriously give you a tough time later on. So you better be aware that you don’t turn a blind eye to this problem.

A moist timber is an invitation to wet rotfungi. They thrive and multiply in conditions such as this. Mainly the problem starts if there is a water leak. Plumbing issues can also aggravate the condition, and if your drainage system is faulty then surely this condition will occur. So you should be prepared to make timely repairs in order to stop rot before it starts playing with your property.

How To Detect Wet Rot

Examining the structural timbers is the only way to detect the condition. If you see damp collecting it’s a sure shot sign of rot problem. When this condition turns worse you will start noticing that floors of your home have begun to move when you walk. It’s a sign that the structure of your property has lost its stability. If you press the timber with a finger and water seeps it’s a sign that the problem has worsened. The issue is that we cannot see the rot on the exteriors of the timber. If you are not sure then calling an expert is a good idea. He is a better man to guide you regarding the next course of action. The problem can turn worse in just 60 days, so you must not delay the treatment.

This condition is easy to diagnose when timber is unpainted. If cracks appear on decorated timbers it indicates the presence of rot. So watch out for cracks because it means the timber has begun to decompose. Take needed steps to treat the condition, to avoid embarrassment in the future.

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