Duck Hunting Trips

Duck Hunting Trips

Duck hunting is a process of hunting ducks, geese or other water flow for the purpose of food or for as sports. In many western countries, commercial water flow hunting is prohibited and duck hunting is primarily has become a sporting activity. Many types of ducks and geese lives in the same habitat, have overlapping or identical hunting season, and are hunting using the same methods. Thus it is possible to take different species of water flow in same outing. Water flow can be hunted in crop fields where they feed or more frequently on or near water bodies such as lakes, ponds, rivers. From ancient period these ducks and geese are hunted for food and for their feathers. Many people do this as a fun and they go for a duck hunting trip. From 17th century hunting the hunting process was carried out with the help of short guns. European settlers in America hunted water flow with great zeal, as the supply of water flow seemed unlimited in the costal Atlantic regions.

Duck Hunting Process:

Duck or goose calls are used to attract birds. Sometimes calls of other birds will convince the bird that there is no danger around. Hunters position themselves in blinds near the lakes, river, and ponds and in agricultural fields. Hunters build blinds to conceal themselves from water flow as water flow have sharp eyes and can see colors. Water flow hunters often use dogs to retrieve dead or injured birds into the boat. Some other hunters also use boats as blinds or float river in search of water flow. Hunters may also used to get downed birds. When the duck sees the hunters in the boat, ducks flush off in the water and hunters shoot. Then all the birds are collected and kept in the boat. During duck hunting trips every hunter prefers for a different weather condition which depends upon the hunting settings. Some hunters prefer summer some may prefer winter. Ducks and geese fly more extensively and actively in cloudy days, rainy or snow. Alaska water flow hunting some of North America’s top water flow hunting occurs in Alaska in the Aleutian island and Pribilof islands.

Modern Duck Hunting Technique:

The water flow hunting season is generally started during autumn and winter. In the autumn the ducks and geese would have finished raising their young and it will move the warm area to feed. The hunting season will start in October and ends in January. There all many items that are used during water flow hunting. The most commonly used things are shotguns, hunting bind and duck or goose call. The decoys are used to lure the birds within the range and the blind conceals the hunter. When the hunter sees the water flow, he or she will call for the duck or goose call. Once the hunter knows that the bird is within the range then the hunter will rise from the blind and quickly shoot the birds before it gets frighten or out of shooting range.

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