Ultimate Goal Of Cox Plate Racing

During the month of racing season the horse loves will surely assemble on the race course by skipping their other commitments. Horse racing is wonderful sport events that are conducted in grand manner. People love to watch the horse racing that grasp our attention in finger tip. One of the world’s popular racing events is the cox plate which is conducted for the young horses which are at the age of 3 or above. This event is starting point for the horses that are starting their life at racing; hence this cox plate event commonly has a popular quote “A place where legends are made”. The price amount is a huge cash of 3 million dollars, the winner recognize it because training the horse is not an easy task. It is first started by the Moonee valley club and they are conducting this horse racing event over many years. The horses which win in the racing are trained to participate on world’s biggest racing of Melbourne cup. One has to put lot of efforts on training the horse, horse need proper food, high speed and sophisticated shelter to do all these one needs more money.

Before the starting of the race season people would eagerly wait for it, tickets are booked in advanced that earn more money for the horse club. This cox plate is conducted for few decades hence the world famous event is watched through live on tv, online or directly. Many rich business people who have more interest on racing will spend their amount on racing. Since it gives wonderful entertainment people are showing interest to spend huge money on it.

Ultimate Goal Of Cox Plate Racing

For this racing Cox Plate Field is the ultimate, hence horses has to run on the field for more than 2 kilo meters. To show best on the field there are important tips which are has to be considered. The weight of horse and jockey are two notable points. The jockey should be as light as possible, because the horse will get tired in few gallops if the jockey is heavy. Hence during the race the horse and jockey will not give anything to eat. They have to survive on empty stomach so that they can run at high speed over the field.

Noticeable Points that Boost Interest on Horse Racing

One of the important factors to be considered on the horse racing is the betting, people bet on their favorite horse. One who made bet on horse that wins earns more money while others lose, so while betting people has to choose the best horse which has more significance results for winning. Also one cannot estimate easily about horse which will win, based on the field and horse power the wining differs. Horse racing earns more money at a few moments but if one loses huge money will loss. The bets are more profitable business but one has to make good decision while betting. This event is more popular than world football games due to the best quality of event it is gaining more popularity worldwide for every year.