What Makes Panasonic CM1 A Compact Camera?

Panasonic CM1 is an impressive phone and even judged as a compact camera that can be easily placed in the pocket. Any smartphone and gadgets can take pictures and videos, but a device with built in cameras can offer point and shoot controlling features to the users. The Panasonic is not one in the crowd of old smartphones. Instead, this wants the users to see it in the other view. This is a camera they can slip in their pocket which also functions as smartphone. This device functions as a smartphone with android 4.4 KitKat OS but when the user slide the spring loaded switch available at the top it will become a camera. The camera featured with 20 megapixel one inch sensor. This is seven times larger than features of average smartphones. This is enough to match with the Panasonic FZ1000 camera.

What Makes Panasonic CM1 A Compact Camera

Panasonic CM1 camera is paired with a focal length of 28 mm equivalent f/2.8 lens. This is ideal for social and street photography. The users do not have a zoom lens and the slim line shape of this smart device makes it pocket able. While it is not lightweight in terms of smartphone, it is thin for being a camera. This device has an effect on holding. Users will feel like holding a smartphone. The impressive thing about this camera is Panasonic has provided hands on manual controls on the camera with no space for outer controls. This is made possible with the touch screen controls and multi function controls around the lens. For example, if a user likes to shoot pictures in manual mode, he can turn on the virtual mode on the back display and rotate the ring where controls are there to change the speed of shutter. He can tap an icon displayed on the screen in order to swap the control ring to set the aperture control.

Users can find a Q menu icon displayed at the bottom right corner for other settings. They can also find a regular menu icon displayed at the bottom left for camera setup options. This smart device also displays a live histogram. The picture quality of this device looks good as the quality of pictures taken by the Panasonic FZ1000. Even though the quality is not equal to the standards of CSC and DSLR the pictures are beyond the smartphone camera features. User can take raw files with the point and shoot controlling features. The Panasonic CM1 is a compact phone and camera that is aided by the latest light room and adobe camera raw. These can give users an option to recover more shadow and highlight detail than they get from in camera JPEGs.

When it comes to pros and cons of this smart device the slim line design is the major advantage of this device. This makes it easily portable and fits in the pocket easily. The large 20 megapixel with one inch sensor is another advantage of Panasonic CM1. Users can have complete manual control in taking the pictures. There is no zoom lens comes with the camera and this is a great disappointment for the users who really love to take clear point out pictures. The price of this device is expensive and this does not match the budget of everyone. The slim design of this device does not help the users in holding it securely. Users may find tricky to hold this safely without slipping it. However, the price is high; it is a compact camera with the top end smartphone squashed into it. Officially Panasonic does not call this smart device as a phone instead calls it as a communication camera.