A Survey Reported That Yoga Is The Best Medication For Bipolar Disorder

A Survey Reported That Yoga Is The Best Medication For Bipolar Disorder

People must know the value of yoga who suffers from bipolar disorder, a new survey made this following few steps could help them from bipolar disorder (BD). Journal of Psychiatric Practice reported that this research brought positive results with few exceptions.

Lead author Lisa Uebelacker, Ph.D. said that “There is no scientific literature on Hatha yoga for bipolar disorder”

There are reasons to think it might be wonderful sometimes and in some ways it may not be safe, people are interested to study Hatha yoga for bipolar disorder as a treatment to pharmacotherapy. And Hatha yoga has many various positions to do comparing with normal yoga, and Hatha yoga is famous mostly in western countries. This Hatha yoga includes medication and mostly breathing practice.

The research says that yoga can be a substantial help but in some cases it carries problems too. An online survey shown that more than 70 people had positive reviews that yoga has a benefit for people with bipolar disorder. When they were asked that?” What impact do you think that yoga has in your life?” one of them said that “Yoga saved my life”, another 29 people said that yoga has decreased their anxiety and given them calm and had them some emotional benefits in their life, and many of them said that yoga has changed their life.

A Survey Reported That Yoga Is The Best Medication For Bipolar Disorder

When people were asked how did yoga affects mania symptoms, 23 of them responded that yoga has brought peace to them.

Here we have clear evidence that the good practice of yoga can bring bipolar disorder under control, the researchers said that “ it is clear that people who does yoga regularly will have all positive impacts in their whole life, also the research said that yoga could bring risks for a few people who suffer from Bipolar disorder.

There are many benefits of regular yoga, such as getting their anxiety under control, clearing their streets; positive physical effects like weight loss, healthy breathing, and it will also improve their sleep.

The researchers are now going to study on yoga related to bipolar disorder, Lead author Lisa Uebelacker, Ph.D said that ¼ the of the people has a negative impression on yoga towards bipolar disorder, with the collected information we will soon decide that weather yoga is good for them or not, if not what are the potential risks?

For many years bipolar disorder patients running with multiple medications over the decades, but the latest study shows that Yoga could be the perfect medications for them in future.

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