The Rise Of Mobile Television Viewing

When you are in a public place such as a waiting room or on a train, there is a good chance that a high percentage of the people around you will have their heads bowed over a smartphone or tablet. Some of them might be reading an ebook or checking Facebook, but some of them are probably watching television! Stop and think for a moment about just how amazing that is! A short time ago we could never have imagined being able to watch the latest episodes of our favourite television shows on our mobile phones, but today it is not just a reality – it is fast becoming the norm!

The Rise Of Mobile Television Viewing

Technology & Viewing Habits

One of the main reasons why mobile viewing has become so popular is that technology has changed and shaped our viewing habits. Thanks to the prevalence of streaming television content we are now able to watch television based on our own schedules instead of those laid out by the broadcasters. It has also led to the phenomenon we know as binge watching where people will watch entire seasons of a show in just a few days by watching consecutive episodes instead of waiting for one episode to be shown each week! Habits like these have made it much more convenient to watch TV on the go. It is attractive to viewers to be able to fill that hour long commute with an episode from their current TV obsession!

Television streaming has led to a movement known as cord cutting where people cancel their TV subscriptions and simply rely on internet streaming services for their entertainment. This has been made easier with the technology that allows us to watch television on our smartphones and tablets. For most, cord cutting is about saving money, but the downside is that many of the latest shows are only available from certain providers and not exclusively through streaming service. This means that it might be a better decision to check out some of the available Direct tv internet bundles in LA  (or your local area) instead. Many tv providers not only offer television and internet combos, but customers also get to take advantage of the apps that allow them to watch content from their subscription package wherever they go. This gives you the best of both worlds – the latest content coupled with the freedom to watch it whenever and wherever takes your fancy.

The growth in the smartphone industry has been one of the most explosive in recent years. It is estimated that about 80% of adults now own a smartphone and almost half of those are using it to watch TV content. It is most common for people to use smartphones to watch shorter programming like episodic television than it is for them to watch movies. Only around 21% of those watching TV on their smartphones are using it to watch movies. However, this is probably because mobile viewing is most popular in situations where a shorter program is more suitable such as on a bus or in a waiting room. If you were at home or in a hotel you would be more inclined to set up a laptop in order to stream content.

Viewing television on our mobile phones has become a reality thanks to the constant evolution of new technology. A growing number of TV providers and channels are developing apps that help make mobile viewing even more convenient so we can only expect this trend to continue in the years to come

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