Signs You Both Are In Love

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Love is a feeling you cannot express but just happens to someone with time. These few signs show that you love him and he loves you back. It also shows how perfect your relationship is and that you two are 100% compatible on a love calculator!

Signs You Both Are In Love

  • You think about them at random times: Whether it is day, night, breakfast time, sleeping time, shower time, lunch time or so on… they always come into your mind no matter what and you cannot stop blushing.
  • You have nicknames: You both have cute nicknames for each other and their phone number is saved with that name followed by a heart emoticon.
  • Your phones have tons of selfies together: Whenever you both meet, you make sure to capture the moment together. Each picture reminds you that you’ve found your one and makes you happy that’s why you do not delete the weird pictures too.
  • You save paper memories: Whichever movie it might be, or a restaurant you ate at, you two always keep the movie tickets, bills and maybe a tissue paper with names and hearts on it with you as a reminder.
  • You have codes: You know each other so well that you can talk in sign language or short forms too. You have weird codes of talking to each other.
  • You trust each other: You both trust each other and do not get worried when one cannot talk while he/she is away with family or friends for some time.
  • You save up to buy things: You both make sure you save up enough to buy each other any gift which the other person likes a lot. You surf the entire internet or mall until you finally find it.
  • You day dream a lot: If you are working, eating or doing any other work and you are lost thinking about your partner then you have definitely fallen for them.
  • You watch favorite TV shows together: He loves House of Cards and you don’t, but you still enjoy watching it with him. In the same way, you love watching Pretty Little Liars, and he watches it till the end with you all the time.
  • They love being with you: Even, if one person’s friends are around, they do not leave your hand or miss an opportunity to tell his/her friends how special you are.
  • They talk to your family: He calls your mom on her birthday and often sends her jokes on WhatsApp and his mother is your shopping friend. How better could it get!
  • You plan your future together: A lot of times, you unknowingly plan the house you want to live in, the ring you want, how many kids and their names, how the sofa should be, how the rooms should be and other things. These little things are signs that you want to spend your life with your partner.
  • They know how to make you laugh: They know just the exact things that will cheer you up and make you laugh when you are sad.

If you are experiencing all these things in your relationship, then you are really in love and should confess it soon.

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