Ideas To Make Luxury Fruit Baskets At Home

Fruits are the healthiest thing to eat. They are full of vitamins minerals antioxidants and have no saturated fat. They are the most easy to eat. You don’t have to spend any time in its preparation or cooking just peel and eat and some are even tastier with skin.

Fruit make the most amazing gifts. Whatever is the occasion the gift of fruit never go wasted. Everyone loves unwrapping a basket and seeing the treats inside. They are not expensive to make, and you can have a lot of fun with the contents and themes. But the main issue in gifting the fruit is its packing. Just buying the fruits in usual shopping and presenting them as it is to the receiver not looks good. One should always gift fruits in a more presentable manner. So that, the receiver not only enjoys eating the delicious, juicyfruit, but also appreciate your way of presenting the fruit gift basket.

Ideas To Make Luxury Fruit Baskets At Home

Whenever you think to send or present the fruit basket to a family member, friend or business colleagues, just be creative and make your gift presentable.  Here are some amazing ideas to make luxury fruit basket with low budget at home.

There are two main ways of decorating a fruit basket

1 Without cutting or opening the fruit

2 Cut the fruit in different sizes and shapes

Without Opening the Fruit:

The main thing is to select the container in which you will put the fruit. It’s a great idea to take a cane basket or any cardboard box. You can wrap the box with gift wrapping paper and spray paint the basket to give it a desired color.

Use ribbons, bows, dry, fresh flowers and gift decorating products to give your gift basket special look according to the event. The following ideas will help you:

Cutting and Shaping the Fruit:

Fruits are of marvelous colors, sizes and textures. When you decide to gift the fruit for gifting making it more presentable and unique, then you have thousands of amazing ways by with you can decorate the fruit basket. You just need some fruit sticks, a four inch thick sponge to hold the sticks upright, thick thread, needle knife and some cutting molds of different sizes.

It’s very interesting work. You can also involve your kids in this creative activity. It’s a great fun to make and will cost you very less as compared to commercial fruit baskets. Just peel and slice fruit, cut them with flowershape, mold and put them on sticks. It’s easy to put strawberries, berries and grapes as it is in the sticks. You will get the idea from the following arrangements.