Swim Faster With The Correct Swim Wear


Ask any professional swimmer about their ultimate wish and they will tell you that all they want is to improve their timing. Swimming as fast as possible and to be able to continuously push the limits is every swimming athlete’s dream. Whether you are a professional swimmer or an amateur trying to improve his/her swimming skills, you can’t simply improve unless you take all factors into consideration. At first you might think that the choice of swim wear has nothing to do with your timing in the water but dig deeper and you will find that swim wear, after brute strength and endurance, is the most important thing if you want to swim faster. These days’ professional athletes wear competitive swimsuits known as bodysuits for improving their speed in the water. If you are looking forward to buying a performance enhancing swimsuit then be sure to check out the collection at Proswimwear. Let’s get started and learn about the qualities of this swimwear that make it an excellent choice for professional athletes.

Swim Faster With The Correct Swim Wear

  • Made from Lycra:

Bodysuits are made from Lycra. Lycra is also known as spandex and elastane. Besides swimming, spandex is also used in the production of many other professional sports accessories. Lycra is known for its elasticity, it is extremely elastic and twice as durable as natural rubber and this means is that you won’t have to worry about the size. Since swimming is a sport where you have to make rapid movements, Lycra is the material of choice. A swimsuit made from spandex returns to its original shape soon after you take it off and also dries quicker.

  • Decreases Drag:

Two factors that decrease your speed in water are drag and resistance. Bodysuit swimwear are designed in a way to decrease the drag and resistance offered by the water. You may have heard that as these days’ engineers focus a lot on the aerodynamics of cars. Ever wondered why there is so much focus on aerodynamics? Better aerodynamics helps a car move faster by negating the drag and resistance offered by the air as well as other factors. Now imagine, if air can affect a car’s performance so much, what will water do which is many times denser than air? How will this affect your performance in the water. To overcome the resistance offered by water you can use your brute force and technique but it will make you fatigued and you won’t always be able to keep up with your competitors. The only way to gain an edge over your competitors is by wearing a bodysuit that can effectively reduce the drag and resistance offered by the water.

  • Even FINA Acknowledges the Qualities of these Suits:

The first time bodysuits were introduced, it had the bells ringing at the FINA headquarters. Bodysuits were so effective that they dramatically increased the performance of swimmers. In order to check this, FINA has laid down some guidelines for competitive swimmers. What this means is that if you are a professional swimmer and you want to buy a performance enhancing bodysuit then you should make sure that it adheres to the guidelines established by the FINA. On the other hand, if you are an amateur you can buy any bodysuit.

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