How To Be A Better Boss, Even If You’re Self Employed

Being a better boss can do many things for you. It can mainly give you better employees, since great employees are most often a reflection of a great boss. Even if you are self employed and the boss of yourself you need to be a good one if you want to have a job well done on a daily basis.

How To Be A Better Boss, Even If You’re Self Employed

It’s not always easy to be the boss, whether it’s simply being the boss of yourself, a small team or a ton of people. Even the smallest companies have their issues, but if you know that ways to be a better boss it can be much easier on you.

Know Your Employees

Take time to get to know your employees and invest in them so that they know they are important to you and what you do. Getting to know them on a business level is a great way to find out who is capable of what and who may need some extra training.

Don’t get to know them on a personal level though. You are their boss, not their friend. It’s kind of like raising children. You want them to respect you and see you in a position of power. If you are hanging out at the bar at night it’s hard for them to follow your lead the next day.

Be The Responsible One

Since you are the boss, it’s not only important to be responsible for yourself, but you must also take responsibility for your employees. It’s likely that if something goes wrong in your department you will end up being the scapegoat.

Make sure that your employees know their job and do it well. Work with those that fall being and don’t be afraid to let go of people that are holding your team and your business behind and just aren’t getting the job done.

Lead By Example

If you’re not that great of a boss it’s likely your employees will care less about the job they are doing. You may have one or two that take your job more seriously than you do and you may end up with some competition for your spot if you are not setting a good example.

Prove that you’re a useful and capable boss to your employees. It’s as easy as showing your employees that you are just as well equipped to do the work that they do as they are. Let them know that you can be a hands-on boss and that you aren’t just a pencil pushing supervisor.

Never Stop Communicating

Last, and most important, is that you continually communicate with your employees, supervisors and your clients. This keeps everyone in contact and on the same page and can make work days run much smoother.

Businesses can implode on themselves without proper communication. For self employed individuals communication can be even more important since you are always working one on one with your customers and clients. Keep in touch with them so they know how much they are appreciated.

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